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2014 Information

Welcome to the University of Missouri Faculty and Staff Benefit Programs. The University of Missouri recognizes that human talent is the University's primary resource and principal contribution to society.  Now more than ever, the university is committed to maintaining strong, comprehensive health and wellness programs that engage our faculty and staff to be energized, innovative and healthy. As we move into 2014 and beyond, we want to help you: understand your personal health, provide you with opportunities to manage your health proactively and help you understand what medical benefits best support your (your families') health needs.

Benefits Line


Be Prepared

Review the 2014 Benefits Guide to learn about each one of the benefit plans that you are eligible for.  

Click here for additional information on each of the benefit programs offered by the University of Missouri including Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) and reference materials.

Still confused about the medical plans?

We've created a Glossary to help you learn what all the new terms mean and FAQ’s for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Trying to decide which health plan is best for you?

Go to the myBenefit Decision Center  located in myHR to help you determine which plan best fits your needs and help you estimate your contributions to a tax favored account.

Want to learn more about the $100 Wellness Incentive?

Visit Healthy For Life to learn how to complete your personal health assessment and schedule your health screening. Medical Plan participants who complete a personal health assessment and health screening will earn a $100 Wellness Incentive in their final May paycheck.

Take Action

Enroll Now.  You will be able to initiate your benefit enrollment online through UM’s MyHR, or you may complete the 2014 Benefit Enrollment Form below and submit it to your Campus Benefit Representative. Regardless of how you submit your enrollment, you must do so within 30 days of the date you became benefit eligible. Please do not submit enrollment using both methods. Provided your enrollment is received within 30 days of the date you became benefit eligible your coverage will be retroactive to that date. If you do not submit your enrollment within 30 days, you will not be eligible to enroll until the next Annual Enrollment period for a coverage effective date of January 1 following the enrollment period unless you experience a family status change.

Provide Proof of Relationship within 90 days for all dependents that you are covering under the University of Missouri medical, dental and vision plans.  

Complete and return Evidence of Insurability and/or application for enrollment in Spouse Life, Dependent Life and Supplemental Life .

Additional Resources

2014 Premiums

2014 Benefit Enrollment Form  - if you are enrolling in the myOptions Health Plan, you will also need to complete the HSA Enrollment Form below.

2014 Health Savings Account Enrollment Form (you must submit this form if you are enrolling in the myOptions Health Plan and want to recieve the UM HSA contribution)

Beneficiary Designation Form

Proof of Relationship Form

Affirmation of Sponsored Adult Dependent Partnership


Reviewed 2014-01-09.