Sponsored Adult Dependent FAQs

Who is eligible for Sponsored Adult Dependent benefits?

Sponsored adult dependents must:

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Have a single dedicated relationship of at least a 12 month duration with the employee
  • Have shared the same residence for at least 12 months and continue to share a residence 
  • Not be married to another person 
  • Not be related by blood to the employee or retired employee 
  • Be mentally competent to consent to contract

When will Sponsored Adult Dependent coverage take effect?

Sponsored Adult Dependents can be added to one’s coverage during the Annual Enrollment period beginning October 2013. As with all Annual Enrollment changes, the effective date of the added coverage will be January 1.

What benefits will be available for Sponsored Adult Dependents?

Sponsored Adult Dependents will be eligible for coverage under Medical, Dental, Vision, Adult Dependent Life and Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D). Additional policies that are currently being reviewed using the UM Policy Review process include FMLA, Sick Leave, Funeral Leave and Tuition Assistance.

Will child dependents of a Sponsored Adult Dependent be eligible for benefits?

The same eligibility criteria will be used for children of sponsored dependents as is used for all employees.  

What information will I need to provide to enroll my Sponsored Adult Dependent?

Employees will be required to complete and submit an affirmation. Sponsored Adult Dependents can be added to coverage using the myHR self service application beginning October 21, 2013.

Will Retirees being able to cover Sponsored Adult Dependents?

UM plans do not allow current retirees to add dependents to their coverage after their date of retirement. New retirees will be able to continue covering Sponsored Adult Dependents they are covering as active employees as long as the dependent is effective on their plan immediately prior to retirement.

Reviewed 2015-01-26.