Upcoming Seminars

Pre-Retirement Seminar

An overview of the UM Retirement, Disability & Death Benefit Plan, and a review of your personal estimate if you elect to calculate one through the Online Pension Calculator. Registration Required

Note: Be sure to run an online estimate before the seminar through the Online Pension Calculator.

Pre-Retirement Series Seminar

These seminars are designed for faculty and staff 10 years or less from retirement. The series as a whole is intended as an overview of some of the financial aspects of retirement. You are encouraged to register for the entire series. Those who do not register to attend all four seminars will be placed on a waiting list. Pre-Retirement seminars are held at MU campus' Memorial Union's Jesse Wrench Auditorium (S107). The April series has reached registration capacity, please check back for our summer series.

Register per event by clicking on the seminar name below
  • Financial Planning - Learn about techniques to better plan for your financial future. We will discuss reaching your financial goals, why you should save early and often, investment choices, and holding steady in a stormy market.
  • Social Security - Learn about how Social Security works, what to expect, and when to contact them.
  • Estate Planning - Estate planning involves your assets (your property) and the various forms of ownership and titles that those assets may take. Topics covered will include estate planning, health care directives, living wills, transferring assets, and trusts. 
  • University Retirement Plan - An overview of the UM Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan, and a review of your personal estimate if you elect to calculate one on the retirement calculator.


Voluntary Retirement Plans Events

The University of Missouri offers three voluntary retirement plans in which employees may participate: 403 (b), 457 (b) and 401 (a). These plans allow employees to save for retirement at their own discretion. Throughout the year, a variety of educational opportunities are offered.


1-on-1 Financial Counselng Sessions

As part of the voluntary retirement plan offerings, employees are eligible for a FREE, confidential financial counseling session. Ask questions about retirement, learn about investment options, create an action plan, etc. Convenient appointments are available on each campus with representatives from Fidelity and TIAA-CREF.

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