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Total Rewards

Woodrail Centre
1000 W. Nifong
Building 7, Suite 210
Columbia, MO 65211-8220

HR Service Center, for your benefits and retirement questions
Phone: (573) 882-2146
Fax: (573) 882-9603

Phone: (573) 884-1312
Fax: (573) 884-3123

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 Total Rewards

Kelly Stuck  Associate Vice President, Total Rewards 
Victoria Hillstrom Project Consultant
Debbie Jones Administrative Assistant
Jodie Lewis Human Resources Assistant
Donna Scoggins Executive Staff Assistant

 Total Rewards Operations  

Erik Smetana Director, Total Rewards Operations
Service Center
Lindsey Jones Manager, Service Center
Kelly Barnhill Office Staff Support, Total Rewards
Sherry Campbell Senior Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Mary Frantz Senior Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Stephanie Harrison Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Jackie Jacobson Human Resources Information Systems
Donna Kasper Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Claudia Nelson Senior Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Tammy Noel Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Lisa Salter Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Laura Turner Senior Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Holly Weaver Human Resources Information Systems
Misty Wilkerson Senior Benefits Advocate, Total Rewards
Kelli Holland Manager, Communications & Training
Tracey Westfield Senior Communications Associate
Carli Wrisinger Communications Associate
Vacant Senior Compensation Specialist
People Data & HR Analytics
Allen Johanning Manager, People Data & HR Analytics

 Faculty & Staff Benefits 

Rita Bowie Director, Health and Benefits
Chase Hickman Compliance and Eligibility Analyst
Kennetha Jackson Benefits Coordinator
Debra Nietzel Long-Term Disability Coordinator
Jenny Workman Manager, Wellness
Sarah Ellis Wellness Coordinator, Rolla and St. Louis
Laurie Goldstein Wellness Coordinator, Kansas City
Jen Oetting Wellness Specialist
Lynn Rossy Health Psychologist
Blaine Snow Wellness Coordinator, Columbia

 Retirement & Analytics 

Renetta Gallup Director, Retirement & Analytics
Lisa Fetrow Manager, Retirement
Jessica Baker Senior Retirement Specialist
Judy Engle Retirement Specialist
Linda Eskew Retirement Payroll Coordinator
Kelli Hathman Senior Retirement Specialist
LaRae Kostal Voluntary Retirement Programs Coordinator
Cari Lyman Retirement Specialist
Aaron Mitchell Retirement Specialist
George Swisher Senior Retirement Specialist
Vacant Retirement Specialist
Jami Black Senior Analytics Specialist
Victoria Day Senior Analytics Specialist
Renee Simmons Senior Analytics Specialist, Technical
Karmen Stockman Senior Analytics Specialist, Technical

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