Understanding Your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

If you have enrolled in the myChoice Health Plan and you've completed your wellness incentive requirements, then you have an HRA. An HRA is a tax favored account in which an employer can deposit money for the employee to use to pay for medical expenses.


View Your HRA Balance and Activity

You can view your HRA Balance, check for your incentive deposit and see what funds have been used by logging into your Coventry My Online Services account. If you have not yet established your Coventry My Online Services account, you will need to do so by visiting www.ummedcvty.com and choosing login or register now.  You will need your Coventry Health Care I.D. Card to register. Once you have registered, you can view your HRA balance and transactions:

  •  Select Benefits Tab (top of page)
  •  Manage MyHRA/FSA or Coventry Fund
  •  Click “Click Here” towards top of page
  • 2nd Box on left contains Incentive Info
  • Click on "more" in lower right corner for contribution, utilization, and balances on the 3rd line
    Receive Your Reimbursements

    You can receive your reimbursements via check or through direct deposit.  Reimbursements for amounts that you paid toward your medical deductible or co-payment will automatically be sent as a check with your Explanation of Benefits once the claims for your services have been processed. You do not need to do anything to facilitate the process. Make sure that you open your Explanation of Benefits and look for your reimbursement check. If you would prefer to have your reimbursements direct deposited into your bank account, you may do so. You will need to complete a direct deposit authorization form that can be found in your My Online Services.

    To complete the direct deposit authorization form Visit www.ummedcvty.com

  •  Select Benefits Tab (top of page)
  •  Manage MyHRA/FSA or Coventry Fund
  •  3rd section on the right contains the Direct Deposit Authorization Form

  • While the $100 incentive may only be earned by the subscriber, it can be used for any member of the subscriber's family that is covered under the subscriber's plan. As a reminder, HRA funds may only be used for medical plan co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance. They may not be used for prescription drugs.

    For additional questions contact Coventry C3: 1-800-613-7721 or your campus benefit representative.

    Reviewed 2013-12-09.