Million Step Pedometer Program


The Million Step Pedometer Program is a simple walking program designed to get faculty, staff, and their families up and moving. Go at your own pace--no time limit applies. You are a success if you take more steps today than you did yesterday.

For each million steps you walk, you can earn great prizes--including a rebate for a Fitbit purchased from university bookstores through a partnership with Healthy for Life.


Who can participate in the program?

  Faculty/ Staff
(Full- or Part-time)
Eligible Dependents*
of Faculty/ Staff
Retirees &
their Dependents*
Graduate/ Undergraduate Students, whether Student Employees or Non-employees
Purchase a Fitbit at University of Missouri Family Pricing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Participate in Million Step Pedometer Program Yes Yes Yes No
Earn prizes Yes Yes Yes No

Receive a rebate for a Fitbit device purchased from a university bookstore upon reaching 1 million steps.

Only 1 Fitbit rebate per eligible participant.

Yes Yes, if enrolled in a university health insurance plan No No

* Eligible dependents include a spouse, sponsored adult dependent and any child for whom you are a legal guardian.

Track steps

How do I track my steps?

You may track steps using a pedometer or activity tracker of your choosing. Rebate-eligible Fitbit devices are available for purchase from University of Missouri bookstores through a partnership with Healthy for Life.

Using a Fitbit or similar device with an online component, you will need to upload your total steps in order to claim prizes and a rebate through the "I did it!" step submission form. Fitbit calls these "Lifetime Steps."

If using a pedometer without an online component, track your steps by downloading the Healthy for Life Million Steps Pedometer Tracker (MS Excel, 37KB) or use a log of your choosing. Then, upload it through the "I did it!" step submission form.

Which Fitbit devices are eligible for a rebate?

  Retail University Family Price Eligible Rebate
Fitbit Zip $59.95 $45.00 $45.00
Fitbit Flex $99.95 $80.00 $45.00*
Fitbit Charge $129.95 $105.00 $45.00*
Fitbit Charge HR $149.95 $129.00 $45.00*
Fitbit Surge $249.95 $229.00 $45.00*

To decide which device is right for you, go to Compare Devices on the Fitbit website.

*Eligible for an $80 rebate if purchased in July 2015 or earlier. Receipt is required as proof of purchase date when claiming the rebate.

Where can I purchase a rebate-eligible Fitbit device?

The below university bookstore locations offer in-store or online purchase options to fit your needs. Please select from one of the following convenient locations to purchase your rebate-eligible Fitbit:

Shop the Mizzou Store     Shop the UMKC Bookstore     Shop the UMKC Health Sciences Bookstore

Shop the S&T Bookstore     Shop the UMSL Triton Store

In Columbia, Fitbits are also for sale at the University of Missouri (UM) Health System pharmacies.

Step submission, prizes, and rebate request

I have walked a million steps. Now what?

I walked a million steps. I'm ready to submit my steps, claim prizes, and/or get a rebate

Click the button above to go to the form where you may do all of the following:

  • Submit your steps by uploading a screenshot as proof of each million steps you take. Instructions and tips for uploading a screenshot are provided on the form.
  • Claim a prize from our current prize list (PDF, 3.46MB)!
    You must submit each 1 million step accomplishment within one year of completion in order to claim prizes. Multiple prizes may be distributed to a participant who claims more than one milestone achievement at one time at the discretion of Healthy for Life.
  • Request a rebate by uploading a copy of your receipt from a rebate-eligible retailer. While participants may use any step-tracking device, only a Fitbit purchased at a university bookstore or UM Health System pharmacy is eligible for a rebate.  

    Participants qualify for only one rebate** upon completion of 1 million steps using an eligible Fitbit device purchased at university bookstores or UM Health System pharmacies. Sales tax and any shipping fees are not rebate-eligible. See the above table of devices currently offered through the program for eligible rebate amount by device. Rebates are processed through accounting, and you should receive email notification before it is directly deposited into the same account as your payroll check, usually within three to four weeks. 

  • ** Effective October 1, 2014, eligible participants may receive only one rebate through this program.


Fitbit resources and troubleshooting


If you are having any issues with a Fitbit device, please visit the Fitbit Help page to identify and fix the problem. Also available through this link are Frequently Asked Questions and an owner’s manual.

If you are unable to resolve the issue using the Fitbit Help resources, submit a help ticket by contacting Fitbit Customer Service directly using the link below or calling 1-877-623-4997 and pressing ‘0’. The Fitbit team can help with additional troubleshooting or replacing the device as appropriate.

Reviewed December 02, 2015.