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2014 Awards Life Sciences

Last Name First Name Campus Department Project Title
Chandrasekhar Anand UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Mechanisms regulating neuronal migration
Finke Deborah UM-Columbia Plant Sciences Non-Consumptive Effects of Natural Enemies
Hasser Eileen UM-Columbia Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Deconditoning: the role of Astrocytes
Laity John UM-Kansas City Biology New Paradigms for Mammalian Zinc Homeostasis
Lorson Christian UM-Columbia Life Science Center Gene replacement for SMA with Respiratory Distress
Saul Honigberg UM-Kansas City Biology Commonplace mutations: unconventional effects
Schulz David UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Homeostatic regulaton of neural network function
Smith Charles UM-Columbia Radiology Novel Heteroligands for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Tsika Richard UM-Columbia Biochemistry Increased Satelite cell number and muscle regeneration

Reviewed 2014-04-11.