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2014 Awards Physical Sciences

Last Name First Name Campus Department Project Title
Chapman Alan Missouri S&T Geological Sciences & Eng Supracrustal input into continental arcs
Grubbs II Garry Missouri S&T Chemistry Investigations into a He Bond with MX (M=Ag or Au; X=F or Cl
Hennkens Heather UM-Columbia Research Reactor New Radiolabeled Somatostatin Antagonist Bioconjugates
Ji Tieming UM-Columbia Statistics New Statistical Methods for RNA-Seq Data Analysis
Singh Deepak UM-Columbia Physics Unusual spin glass and spin ice phenomena in pyrochlore
Viadya Naveen UM-Kansas City Mathematics Mathematical Models for HIV-1 Infection and Drug Abuse
Vignale Giovanni UM-Columbia Physcis Theory of thermoelectric transport

Reviewed 2014-04-11.