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2014 Awards Social Sciences

Last Name First Name Campus Department Project Title
Aguilar Francisco UM-Columbia Forestry Evaluation of Payment for Forest Conservatoin
Bettencourt Ann UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Intergroup contact, mindfulness, and generalized attitudes
Fikru Mahelet Missouri S&T Economics & Finance Mergers & Acquisitions among Polluting Firms in the USA
Fish Anne UM-St. Louis Nursing Transitioning Teens with Diabetes to Adult Health Care
Lim Seung Lark UM-Kansas City Psychology Mechanizm of Approach-Avoidance Decisions in Anxiety
Mazurek Micah UM-Columbia SHP/Health Psych Measurement of Social Reward Processing in ASD
Potochnick Stephanie UM-Columbia Truman School Pub Affrs Safety Net Programs and Immigrant Food Insecurity

Reviewed 2014-04-11.