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About the Program

University of Missouri Faculty ScholarsUniversity of Missouri Faculty Scholars

The University of Missouri Faculty Scholars (UMFS) program is designed to support the efforts of the university to acclimate and retain new faculty members. In this unique program, scholars participate in campus-specific activities and in systemwide programs designed to create avenues for communication and collaboration across the four campuses of the UM System. The UMFS program offers new ideas for thinking about research, teaching, scholarship and engagement on each campus.

UM Faculty Scholars Goals

The goal of the UMFS program is to support cohorts of new faculty members by providing opportunities to:

  • Construct academic portfolios adequate for examining, portraying, explaining and highlighting their academic lives and contributions to the university’s mission;
  • Learn the techniques, strategies and activities faculty need to become effective educators and help the UM System remain a learning-centered institution;
  • Learn how to integrate teaching and scholarly activities; and
  • Develop collegial networks and collaborations with their university peers.

UM Faculty Scholars Events

Participants in the UMFS program are expected to attend monthly on-campus activities as well as the three systemwide retreats. On-campus activities will include a variety of learning opportunities that will address topics designed to support faculty development, faculty roles in student success and faculty networking opportunities.

Program Features

  • UM Faculty Scholars participants are selected from tenure track and non-tenure track ranked faculty in their second, third and fourth years of employment on the four UM campuses.
  • Participation in the program lasts one year.
  • UM Faculty Scholars are selected to create a diverse distribution of academic disciplines represented within each cohort. Interested colleagues are encouraged to express their interest to their department chairs and deans.
  • UM Faculty Scholars are required to participate in monthly programs on their own campuses and in systemwide events.
  • Participants will be reimbursed to carpool to systemwide retreats. Lodging, meals and materials will be provided.

Leadership Team

Christa Weisbrook

Christa Weisbrook
UM System


Linda Bennett


Lorie Holt
Kansas City


Jeff Schramm


Peggy Cohen
St. Louis

Reviewed August 26, 2013.