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Endowed Chairs and Professorships

The best of the University of Missouri's faculty are equal to the best anywhere, but we need more of them to make the University of Missouri a world-class institution. One way of achieving this goal is through the establishment of endowed chairs (or named professors) and hiring outstanding faculty to fill these positions.

UM - Columbia

Title of Chair / Professorship Name of
Chair / Professor
Arvarh Strickland Professorship in History and Black Studies Wilma King 1999
C.W. La Pierre MO Professorship in Engineering Shubhra Gangopadh 2003
Col. Charles Faris McKee and Charlene Lea McKee Professorship in Microbial Pathogenesis George Stewart 2004
Community Newspaper Management Chair James Sterling 2000
Cancer Research Center Chair in Cancer Research Charles Caldwell 2003
Curtis B. Hurley Chair in Public Affairs Reporting Geneva Overholser 2000
David Haggard Missouri Soybean Professorship Fund Grover Shannon 1999
Elwood Thomas Professorship Rodney Uphoff 2000
Florence G. Kline Chair in Philosophy Peter Vallentyne  
Floyd R. Gibson Professorship of Law Frank Bowman 2005
Gibreath-McLorn Professorship of Comparative Medicine John Crister 2001
HealthSouth Mo. Professorship in Occupational Therapy Open Position  
HealthSouth Missouri Professorship in Physical Therapy Marybeth Brown 2001
Houston Harte Chair of Journalism Judith Bolch 1997
Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr., M.D. Chair of Surgery Steve Eubanks 2004
James E. Campbell Professorship of Law Dale Whitman 1998
Jeffrey E. Smith Corporation Missouri Professorship in Finance Open Position  
Kenneth L. Lay Chair In Economics Open Position  
Knight Chair in Journalism Jacqui Banaszynski 2000
Korea Studies Professorship Doh C. Shin 1999
Kraeuchi Professorship of Vet. Ophthalmology Kristina Narfstrom 2001
Lee Hills Chair of Free Press Studies Stuart H. Loory 1997
Leggett and Platt, Inc. Distinguished Professorship in Information Systems Antoine Stam 2000
Maxine Wilson Gregory Chair in Journalism Research Glen Cameron 1998
Millsap Missouri Professorship in Diversity and Multicultural Studies Michael Lambert 2001
Millsap Professorship of Gerontological Nursing and Public Policy Rebecca Johnson 1999
Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council Professorship Henry Nguyen 2002
Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council Soybean Research Professorship Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes 2004
Raymond E. & Vaona H. Peck Chair in Cancer Research Jamal Ibdah 2005
Russell and Mary Shelden Chair in Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine Joseph Tobias 2002
Sam M. Walton Distinguished Professorship of Marketing Murali Mantrala 2003
Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Inc. (SABEW) Chair in Business Journalism Martha Steffens 2002
Soybean Merchandising Council Professorship in Functional Genomics and Integrated Advanced Technologies Gary Stacey 2001
Thomas W. and Joan Burns Chair in Diabetology James Sowers 2003
William and Nancy Thompson Distinguished Professorship of Information Technology Jinn K. Chen 2005
William Fratcher Professorship of Law David English 1999
Wurdack Chair in Animal Science Jerry Taylor 2002
Wurdack Chair In Biochemical Science Linda Randall 2000
Zalk Missouri Professorship in Tumor Anigiogenesis Salman Hyder 2002

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UM - Kansas City

Title of Chair / Professorship Name of Chair  / Professor Date
Arthur W. Robinson End Chair in Internal Medicine Donald Campbell 1997
Arvin Gottlieb/Missouri Chair in Business Economics and Finance Stephen W. Pruitt  
Arvin Gottlieb/Missouri Chair in Strategic Management Marilyn L. Taylor  
Charles N. Kimball, MRI/Missouri Chair in Management of Technology and Innovation Michael Song 2005
Children's Mercy Hospital Foundation/Dee Lyons Chair in Pediatric Immunology Research Lanny J. Rosenwasser 2005
Daniel J. Lauer/Missouri Chair in Metabolic and Vascular Research William Harris 1998
Desmond and Betty Ann Curran Missouri Professorship in Macular Disease Open Position  
Dorothy and Dale Thompson Professorship in Nursing Tina Hines  
Dorothy and Dale Thompson/Missouri Professorship in Arts and Sciences (Global Art) Maude Southwell Wahlman 1999
Douglas Stripp Missouri Endowed Professorship of Law Robert H. Konoff 2004
Dr. Leo A. Rogers Professorship in Orthodontics Open Position  
Dr. S. Orlando Somers Professorship in Advanced General Dentistry John W. Thurmond  
Edward A. Smith/Missouri Chair in Law, the Constitution and Society Open Position  
Edward P. Nelson Professorship in Pediatric Dentistry Open Position  
Edward T. Matheny, Jr. Endowed Chair in Neuroscience Marilyn Rymer 1999
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation/Missouri Faculty Chair in Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional Services Bruce Jones 2001
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation/Missouri Faculty Chair of Teacher Education Linda Edwards  
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Missouri Chair III Edward Underwood 2005
Ewing Marion Kauffman/Missouri Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership Mark Edward Perry 2005
Franklin D. Dickson Missouri Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery Hong-Wen Deng 2005
Jack Strandberg Missouri Chair of Piano Robert Weirich 1999
Joseph Boon Gregg / Children's Mercy Hospital Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Gary Lofland 1999
Lefkowitz Professorship in the School of Dentistry Lynda Bonewald 2001
Lorena Cravens Millsap/Missouri Professorship in Composition Chen Yi 1998
Marion H. Bloch/Missouri Chair in Leadership Lee Bolman 1998
Marion Merrell Dow Missouri Professorship in Structural Biology Henry M. Misiorkd 2005
Marion Merrell Dow/Missouri Chair of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Gregory Kearns 1998
Marion Merrell Dow/Missouri Chair of Pediatric Medical Research Ralph E. Kauffman 1998
Martha Jane Phillips Starr Distinguished Professorship in Women's and Gender Studies Open Position  
Merl and Muriel Hicklin Missouri Chair in Medicine Open Position  
Missouri Professorship in Accountancy Open Position  
Non-Profit Management Chair David O. Renz 1993
Paul Koontz Missouri Chair in Breast Disease at St. Luke's Hospital Open Position  
Raymond R. Neevel Professorship in Choral Music Open Position  
Rose Ann Carr/Marvin Millsap/Missouri Professorship II (Cello) Carter Enyeart 1999
William R. Brown/Children's Mercy Hospital Chair in Genetics and Molecular Medicine Merlin Butler 1999
Sosland Chair in Trauma Services/Truman Medical Center Open Position  
St.Luke's/Missouri Chair in Emergency Medicine Gary Gaddis 1999
St. Luke's/Missouri Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Clinical Research at MAHI Dr. Ben D. McCallister 1998
Valentine Radford/Missouri Professorship in Marketing Gene Brown  
Victor and Caroline Schutte Chair in Women's Health Richard Derman 2001
Victor E. and Caroline E. Schutte/Missouri Professorship in Urban Affairs Robyne Turner 2002
Westport Anesthesia Services/Missouri Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology Research at St. Luke's Hospital John Q. Wang 2004
William D. and Mary Grant Professorship in Jazz Studies Bobby Watson 2000

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UM - Rolla

Title of Chair / Professorship Name of Chair / Professor Date
Cindy Tang Missouri Professorship Computer Engineering Ann Miller 1999
Donald L. Castleman/FCR MO Professorship of Discovery in Chemistry Jay Switzer 1999
John and Susan Mathes Missouri Chair of Civil Engineering Craig D. Adams 1999
Karl F. Hasselmann Missouri Chair in Geological and Petroleum Engineering J. David Rogers 2001
Keith Bailey Missouri Professorship in Mechanical Engineering Ming Leu 1999
Mary K. "Jimmie" Finley MO Professorship in Computer Engineering Donald Wunsch 1999
Maxwell Weiner Professorship in Humanities Roger Grant 2005
Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council Soybean Research Professorship Shubhender Kapila 2002
Robert H. Quenon MO Professorship of Mining Engineering Samuel Frimpong 2005
Roy A. Wilkens Missouri Professorship in Telecommunications Steven Grant 2004
Vernon and Maralee Jones MO Professorship of Civil Engineering Antonio Nanni 1999

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UM - St. Louis

Title of Chair / Professorship Name of Chair / Professor Date
Des Lee Foundation Endowed Professorship in Art Education E. Louis Lankford 1997
Des Lee Foundation Endowed Professorship in Museum and Community History Studies Jay Rounds 1997
Dr. Y. S. Tsiang Professorship in Chinese Studies Hung-Gay Fung 1998
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Endowed Professorship in Botanical Studies Elizabeth Kellogg 1998
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Endowed Professorship In Zoological Studies Patricia Parker 1999
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Professorship in Music Education Robert Nordman 2006
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Professorship in Science Education William Kyle 1996
E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Professorship in Science Education II James A. Shymansky 1997
E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professorship in Urban Education in Conjunction with the St. Louis Public Schools Lynn Beckwith 2006
E. Desmond Lee Professor for Developing Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs Open Position  
E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor in African/African-American Studies Adeniyi Coker 2005
E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor in Parenting and Family Issues James Wilson 2003
E. Desmond Lee Professor in Youth Crime and Violence Finn Esbensen 2001
E. Desmond Lee Professorship in Community Collaboration and Public Policy Open Position - Search Ongoing  
E. Desmond Lee Professorship in Tutorial Education Judith S. Cochran 1998
E. Desomond Lee and Family Fund in Plant Sciences Xuemin Wang 2004
Eiichi Shibusawa-Seigo Arai Professorship in Japanese Studies Allan Bird 2000
Emerson Electric Co. Professorship in Technology and Learning Carl Hoagland 1999
Fredrich A. Hayek Professorship in Economic History Lawrence White 2000
Hubert C. Moog Endowed Nursing Professorship Roberta Kari Lee 1997
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation Professorship in Irish Studies Eamonn Wall and Gearoid O'Hallmhurain 2000
John W. Barriger II MO Professorship in Transportation Studies Ray Mundy 2000
Mercantile Library Professorship in Transportation Studies Carlos Schwantes 2001
Sanford N. McDonnell Professorship in Character Education Marvin Berkowitz 1998
Teresa M. Fischer Professorship for Citizenship Education Wolfgang Althof 2004
The Hellenic Government-The Karakas Family Foundation Professorship in Greek Studies Michael Cosmopoulos 2001
William R. Orthwein, Jr. Endowed Professorship In Life-Long Learning for the Sciences Patricia Simmons 1997

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