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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was the Enterprise Investment Program created?

The University of Missouri System's Enterprise Investment Program was created to help Missouri startup and early stage companies working to commercialize intellectual property developed at the University. The intent of this program is to assist in the commercialization effort of University developed intellectual property in order to create jobs and generate lasting economic benefits to the State of Missouri.

2. Are there certain industries that the UMEIP is directed toward?

No. However, preference will be given to companies in high tech industries with a strong potential for job growth. Such industries include, without limitation, life sciences, nanoscience, information technology, engineering, energy, medicine, and medical devices.

3. When can I submit an application?

Applications are accepted during open application periods.

4. What is the maximum amount of investment that I can receive through the UMEIP?

The maximum amount of investment to any single company is $500,000.

5. What criteria are used to evaluate applications?

Among other things, the application will be reviewed to determine whether the investment, if made, would 1) accomplish the goals set forth by the applicant in the application, 2) create Missouri jobs, 3) move the university developed intellectual property closer to market, and 4) provide the university with, at a minimum, a return of and hopefully a return on the university's financial investment.

6. What are the minimum requirements to apply for investment?

The minimum requirements can be found here.

7. What will be the business and legal terms of the university’s investment in my company?

The university will provide the funds in the form of a convertible debt investment. A general outline of the UMEIP terms of investment can be found here. The complete and definitive investment document will be negotiated for any investment on a case-by-case basis.

8. How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

The first round decision will be made approximately 90 days from the close of the application period. If first round approval is granted, the final decision will be made approximately 180 days from the close of the application period.

9. Where can I get assistance creating a business plan and other required documents?

Business assistance can be received from numerous agencies and organizations across the state. You can find a listing of some of those entities on our Web site here.

10. If my application is declined for investment, can I apply again?

Yes. If there are any salient developments with your company that you believe make it more attractive for investment, you can apply during a future application period.

Reviewed 2011-11-28.