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First round recipients


Click here to read the official news release announcing the first Enterprise Investment Program recipients.  



EternoGen is a medical Bio-Tech company with a focus on designing and manufacturing a novel collagen scaffold for soft tissue therapeutic applications. The vision of the company is to provide superior collagen-based products for a variety of minimally invasive surgical applications by leveraging its expertise in applied nanotechnology and soft tissue engineering.  

EternoGen will recieve up to $200,000 in university Enterprise Investment Program funding, $100,000 from Missouri Technology Corporation IDEA Funds and $200,000 from Centennial Investors. 

Click here to visit EternoGen's website


HLB Horizons

HLB Horizons is a new company with a vision to create nothing short of a global renaissance in boron chemistry, by becoming the world’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of polyhedral boranes. Currently, the process to create this chemical compound containing boron involves highly explosive gas and is extremely dangerous. Through fundamental research projects at MU's Institute for Nano and Molecular Medicine, the company has developed a new, safer and more environmentally friendly process to create the same compound.

HLB Horizons will recieve up to $400,000 in university Enterprise Investment Program funds.


Reviewed 2013-03-21.