Funding Recipients

Gregory Hilmas & William Fahrenholtz, Missouri S&T: High Toughness Ceramics for Applications in Cutting and Drilling Tools

Simon Friedman, UMKC: Building Better Insulin

George Gokel, UMSL: Enhancing Antibiotic Potency and Ameliorating Drug Resistance

Carl Bassi, Michael Howe, & Wayne Garver, UMSL: Optimization of a Qualitative Screening Tool for Identification of Visual Disorders

Mohammad Ghasr & Reza Zoughi, Missouri S&T: Development of 3D Real-Time Millimeter-Wave Imaging System

Lynda Bonewald & Kathleen Kilway, UMKC: Curing Bone Infection While Stabilizing Implants

John Kevern & Megan Hart, UMKC: Enhanced Pervious Concrete as a Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology

Haitao Li & Ceki Halmen, UMSL: A Resource Distribution Tool Construction Projects

Reviewed 2014-07-17.