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Submitting a Proposal

Apply now:

Proposals must involve faculty from at least two UM campuses and from at least two different disciplines. Each campus may request up to $50,000 in a proposal; therefore, the maximum funding requested will be $200,000 if all four campuses are collaborating in a proposed study. Faculty may use their networks to identify collaborators on and this program is limited only to the four University of Missouri campuses.

A faculty member shall be named a principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator (co-PI) on only one (1) proposal in this competition.  If a faculty member is named as a PI or co-PI in more than one proposal, then all proposals involving that faculty member will be returned without review and not considered for funding in this competition.

BUDGET: The funding shall be used to support undergraduate students, graduate students or post-doctoral fellows, materials and supplies, and travel between University of Missouri campuses and to research sites.

The IDIC research program will NOT provide certain types of support. These include:

  • academic or summer salaries for faculty on 9 or 11-month appointments (includes ranked, non-tenure track faculty whose title includes the word Professor)
  • student tuition or fees
  • graduate research assistantship appointments for greater than 50 percent time
  • stipends for graduate students not enrolled at the University during the academic year
  • attend conferences
  • book publication subventions for non-refereed or commercial presses
  • computer time or data ports on University computers
  • dissertation preparation costs (copying, typing, binding)
  • construction and remodeling of facilities, equipment maintenance costs
  • professional dues/memberships/subscriptions
  • secretarial support
  • general departmental supplies

These examples are intended to be illustrative, not all-inclusive. Applicants are encouraged to present and justify only their most critical needs, recognizing that resources are limited in relation to the needs for research support.

FUNDING: A total of up to $1M will be awarded with each campus receiving up to $250K. It is anticipated that 5 to 10 proposals will be funded.

Reviewed 2014-02-27.