Start-up Companies



At Equinosis® the mission is to assist and equip the equine practitioner by developing and providing wireless sensor solutions for collection of biological data useful in the diagnosis of equine disease.


Nanoparticle Biochem, Inc.

Nanoparticle Biochem, Inc. is a privately held research and development company with an array of nanoparticle-based products for medical, health, hygiene and allied industries, and researchers. NBI is actively pursuing marketing of its products either directly or through licensing agreements with corporate partnerships.


EternoGen, LLC 

EternoGen is a medical Bio-Tech company with a focus on designing and manufacturing a novel collagen scaffold for soft tissue therapeutic applications.  The vision of the company is to provide superior collagen-based products for a variety of minimally invasive surgical applications by leveraging its expertise in applied nanotechnology and soft tissue engineering.  EternoGen is primarily a research and development company that   utilizes expertise in clinical market evaluation, material science, and biological engineering to execute its clinical development model.


St. Louis Medical Devices, Inc.

St. Louis Medical Devices, Inc., headquartered at UMSL’s business incubator, IT Enterprises, is working to bring a portable, noninvasive blood glucose monitor to market. The small monitor tests blood characteristics by shining near-infrared light through the finger, thus eliminating the need for waste such as lancets and test strips. This technology, developed at the university, could overcome many obstacles in the diabetes industry. Contact President and CEO George Chen for more information:



Organovo is focused on delivering breakthrough three-dimensional biology capabilities to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. As the first company with a three-dimensional tissue technology that works across tissue types, it is meeting the promise of regenerative medicine to fill unmet medical needs.


Earth Perspectives

Earth Perspectives has developed web-based services to greatly improve the exploitation of high-resolution satellite and airborne imagery collected from both commercial and government-owned systems. Its proprietary suite of image search technologies allows government and commercial users to rapidly search large volumes of high-resolution imagery for specific content of interest. Examples include searching image archives for: objects of interest (airplanes, storage tanks, etc.), areas of interest (new construction), and areas that change between multi-date images (urban growth).


CircLabs, Inc.

CircLabs, incubated at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU, has created Circulate, a service that discovers news, information and entertainment from trusted sources and delivers personalized streams of content to each consumer wherever he or she is on the Web. Circulate can help publishing businesses through local branding, increased high-value traffic, local advertising and subscription revenue. 


Androit Motion

Androit Motion is a minimally invasive surgical instrument design and manufacturing start-up company, with the focus to provide surgical precision and improved dexterity through robotic hand instruments. Adroit Motion, LLC is a spin-out from the Biodesign and Innovation Program fellowship at the University of Missouri.  


Emergence Bioscreening

Recently formed Emergence BioScreening, LLC is the exclusive licensee of a technology from Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla) for both a novel instrument and method to detect pteridine biomarkers in urine samples for cancer screening. The technique is non-invasive, sensitive, accurate, fast, simple, cost effective, and adaptable for routine screening at annual physicals, monitoring of cancer progression, evaluation of cancer treatments, and as a translational research tool in pharmaceutical research.

Reviewed 2012-03-05.