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What is Commitment Accounting?

The Commitment Accounting (CA) module in PeopleSoft Human Resources, as delivered, includes:

  • Payroll encumbrances
  • Payroll to general ledger interface
  • Retro distribution/payroll correcting entries
  • Funding by position through the Human Resource (HR) Department Budget Table

As the University already has in place efficient systems to handle payroll encumbrances, payroll to general ledger interface, and retro distribution/payroll correcting entries, the primary benefit to the University is funding by position through the HR Department Budget Table. This is different from our current approach of funding by the incumbent (i.e., the person in the position).

Since the benefit of funding by position is primarily a HR business process enhancement, implementing this will be considered as part of the ePAF project in Spring 2013. This approach allows the project team to achieve the COMPASS goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner by focusing only on the functionality needed by the university.

Reviewed 2012-10-16.