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What is FIN?

Hyperion Planning - Financial (FIN) is the application used for fiscal year budgets and actuals. This includes all revenue and expense details as well as summary totals for salaries and benefits. FIN is not used for project budgets.

Employees who manage budgets for University departments will use Hyperion FIN while those who use financial reports will use reports generated by the Data Warehouse and Hyperion FIN.

Data Warehouse Financial (FIN) are the reports that have been generated by the Data Warehouse and include budgeting data from PeopleSoft Financials and Hyperion.

Reporting capabilities from both the Data Warehouse and Hyperion will expand as more and more functionality becomes available in Hyperion. Gradually, the reports available through PeopleSoft Financial Reports in Web Applications will be replaced with reports from the Data Warehouse and Hyperion.

Training for Hyperion FIN and and Data Warehouse reports is scheduled for the summer and fall of 2012.

Reviewed 2012-08-07.