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Commitment, Planning and Support Systems Training and Support

COMPASS Training

Training for Hyperion has been has been provided for project developers and testers. And, user training will be widely available as our scope of participation expands as expected in the summer and fall of 2012. A wide-scale training strategy and timeline is currently under development by COMPASS project team members and campus budget officers. Users will be trained immediately following each software feature deployment.

It is important that the COMPASS project team work closely with end users so that they are comfortable with the new system and processes. With that goal in mind, campuses are offering in person training along with numerous online resources. The COMPASS project team is also leveragin local IT help desks to provide immediate help with issues users might face.

Hyperion Training Materials 


Users needing Hyperion support should first contact their campus IT help desk. Campus IT help desks will then determine the best resource based on the following:

  • Browser and desktop support: Campus help desk.
  • Policy and functional questions: Campus budget office.
  • System support: Hyperion technical team.

Hyperion Support Flowchart

Reviewed 2012-08-06.