Capital Plans Fiscal Years 2004 and 2005

University of Missouri-Columbia

1. Engineering East Renovation

Engineering East is a 285,309 s.f. complex of connected buildings located on the Red Campus. Previous improvements, completed in 1991, provided the Engineering Lab & Classroom Addition and renovations to the 1893, 1949, 1951 and 1957 additions. This project will renovate 92,200 s.f. in the 1892, 1922 and 1936 additions. Improvements will be made to general classroom space; building exterior; structural, mechanical and electrical systems; building access; and life safety systems. These renovations will benefit the Capsule Pipeline Research Center, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering.

  • Project Estimate: $20,910,000 (FY 2005 Capital Appropriations Request)
  • Project Schedule: Planning study completed 1998
  • Schedule dependent upon funding
2. Technology Incubator Facility

The proposed Technology Incubator Facility will be a 25,000 s.f. single story, slab-on-grade building located in Research Park. Space will be available for lease by individuals or companies for development of products discovered through research generated by MU faculty and staff. Additional facilities may be developed as the need justifies.

  • Project Estimate: $5,500,000 (Private and/or Federal Funds)
  • Project Schedule: Dependent upon Funding
3. Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center will include a 2500 - 2750 seat auditorium with performance, staff and patron support areas, in a building with approximately 95,000 s.f. The proposed site for the new facility is the area west of College Avenue and South of Hospital Drive.

  • Project Estimate: $40,000,000 (Gifts)
  • Project Schedule: Dependent on Funding
4. Parking Structure Number 7

This new structure will provide space for 2,000 vehicles serving students, faculty and staff occupying facilities in the area of the new facility. The location of the structure will be finalized once the planning process has been completed. It will require approximately 3 years to complete the facility once the decision to proceed has been made.

  • Project Estimate: $19,000,000 (Parking Auxiliary -- Revenue Bonds)
  • Project Schedule: To be Determined
5. Southwest Campus Housing

The Southwest Campus Housing project will provide new student housing to replace Donnelly and Smith Hall. The site is a prominent corner of the campus, located at the intersection of Providence Road and Stadium Boulevard. The site includes the Blair Group buildings (Donnelly, Blair and Smith) and their associated parking lot and green spaces. The Master Plan proposes to demolish the old building group and replace it with new housing units to provide 757 new beds.

  • Project Estimate: $37,818,000 (Residential Life -- Revenue Bonds)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring: May 2003
    • Schematic Design: October 2003
    • Construction Contract Award: August 2004
    • Substantially Complete: April 2006
6. College Avenue Housing

This residence hall will be located on the east side of College Avenue (adjacent to the existing Hatch Hall) and will provide 246 beds. It will be connected to the Virginia Avenue Residence Hall, which is now under construction, by the proposed College Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

  • Project Estimate: $13,000,000 (Residential Life -- Revenue Bonds)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring: October 2003
    • Schematic Design: December 2003
    • Construction Contract Award: October 2004
    • Substantially Complete: April 2006
7. Mid-Campus Housing

The Mid Campus Housing project follows the Virginia Avenue Housing, Southwest Campus Housing, and College Avenue Housing projects, as part of a Phase 2 construction program under the Residential Life Master Plan. This project will add 246 beds and some administrative space on a site to be determined.

  • Project Estimate: $15,000,000 (Residential Life -- Revenue Bonds)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring: January 2005
    • Schematic Design: October 2005
    • Construction Contract Award: October 2006
    • Substantially Complete: April 200
8. College Avenue Bridge

This project will provide a bridge over College Avenue, linking the east campus residence halls to the main campus. Completion of this project is scheduled to coincide with the opening of the Virginia Avenue Housing project.

  • Project Estimate: $ 3,357,400 (Residential Life -- Revenue Bonds)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Exterior Appearance Approval: October 2003
    • Construction Contract Award: November 2003
    • Substantially Complete: July 2004
9. University Hospital Master Plan for the MU HealthCare

A consultant will be hired to prepare a Master Plan for the University of Missouri HealthCare System, which will include master planning for the Hospital and Clinics, School of Medicine, Ellis Fischel, and Columbia Regional Hospital, and possibly the new Health Sciences Research Building.

  • Project Estimate: $300,000 (University Healthcare)
  • Project Schedule: Consultant Selection by end of 2003
10. Health Sciences Research Building

The creation of this 432,000 s.f. health sciences research building will position the University to complete the final step in the development of a National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. It will also provide a consolidated research facility to create synergy in the growing health sciences research areas and take advantage of the doubling National Institutes of Health Budget. This project will position Ellis Fischel as the unrivaled regional research-based cancer center, dramatically increase the University research profile, and enable far-reaching opportunities for commercialization of intellectual property.

  • Project Estimate: $145,320,000
  • Project Schedule: To be Determined
11. Tate Hall Renovation

Renovation of the 42,000 s.f. building includes faculty offices, general classrooms and a secure location for the Neihardt Collection, 3,897 volumes of scarce literary and historical works and first editions. Tate Hall, which was constructed in 1924, is located on the red campus.

  • Project Estimate: $5,454,000 (FY 2005 Capital Appropriations Request)
  • Project Schedule: Dependent on State Funding
12. National Swine Research and Resource Center

This project would construct a new freestanding building of approximately 20,634 s.f. southeast of the Animal Science Research Center. The proposed facility will house 150-250 pigs of various ages and genetic mutations along with associated laboratories and surgical suites. Availability of swine models to researchers nationwide via the NSRRC will lead to improved methods for diagnosis and treatment strategies, and ultimately cures for devastating human diseases.

  • Project Estimate: $5,696,452 (Federal Grant Request)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring: December 2003
    • Schematic Design: March 2004
    • Construction Contract: December 2004
    • Substantially Complete: January 2006
    • (Scheduled is based on receiving grant in fall of 2003)
13. Regional Biocontainment Laboratory

This project would construct a new freestanding building of approximately 9,796 s.f. of Bio-Safety Level – 3 (BSL-3) immediately east of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. The proposed facility will include research laboratories, a vivarium for housing small animals, necropsy rooms for small and large animals, and associated research support areas. It will provide critically needed biocontainment facilities to conduct research and training focused on bioterrorism pathogens, and assist national, state, and local public health officials in the event of a bioterrorism emergency.

  • Project Estimate: $9,030,515 (Federal Grant Request)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring: December 2003
    • Schematic Design: March 2004
    • Construction Contract: January 2005
    • Substantially Complete: March 2006
    • (Scheduled is based on receiving grant in fall of 2003)
14. Comparative Medicine Center

This project would construct a new four-story building of approximately 120,000 s.f. to figuratively and literally bridge the Veterinary Medicine Building, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and Clydesdale Hall into an integrated complex. The proposed facility will include research and core laboratories and their support spaces plus a significant vivarium component. The Comparative Medicine Center is based on the one medicine concept and will host the collaborative research between animal and human health, as well as biological sciences and agriculture. Physicians, veterinarians, other scientists and healthcare providers will be able to work together in this facility in clinical and laboratory settings to address fundamental questions impacting health and disease of humans and animals. The initial Program and Planning Study (PPS) effort will derive vivarium program requirements from a concurrent campus wide Vivarium Master Planning Study for the Office of Animal Resources.

  • Project Estimate: $50,000,000
  • Project Schedule:
    • Consultant Hiring for PPS: October 2003
    • (Balance of schedule dependant upon fund raising)
15. Reconstruction of Mick Deaver Drive

This project will reconstruct Mick Deaver Drive to a three lane lighted and landscaped street, with a sidewalk along the east side of the street. Mick Deaver Drive serves the new basketball arena, Hearnes Center and Memorial Stadium.

  • Project Estimate: $1,200,000 (Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • Project Schedule:
    • Construction Contract Award: February 2004
    • Construction Complete: August 2004
16. McKee Gymnasium Addition and Renovation

This project renovates and expands the McKee Gymnasium to a 74,495 s.f. facility for the State Historical Society and the Western Historical Manuscript Collection. The 30,528 s.f. McKee Gymnasium was built in 1922 and currently houses the Department of Health and Exercise Sciences. The State Historical Society and Western Historical Manuscript Collection currently occupies space on the ground floor of Ellis Library. This project will provide the society with public access and space to accommodate growth. It will also free valuable space in Ellis for library use. Building mechanical, electrical, access and life safety systems will be modernized. A $200,000 FY 2000 appropriation allowed project design to begin. The Board of Curators approved a schematic design in 2000.

  • Project Estimate: $15,352,000
  • FY 2000 Capital Appropriation: $200,000
  • FY 2005 Capital Appropriations Request: $15,152,000
  • Project Schedule: Dependent on Funding
Procurement Sole Source Schedule Estimate
Turbine Generator Overhaul July 2004 $750,000 (Power Plant)

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