Outlook Based Procurement Forms

The following forms are now available as paperless forms in Outlook.

  • Purchasing Card Change Form
  • Purchasing Card Cancellation Form
  • Purchasing Card Approving Official/Editor Access Form
  • Show-Me Shopper Only Access Request

If you do not have access to Outlook, or have other issues with these forms, please contact the Finance Support Center for assistance.

Hospital & Clinics: 884-1234 (or 877-752-3334 for outlying hospital facilities)
MU, UMSYS, & UOEXT: 882-3201 (or 877-752-3334 for outlying offices not in Columbia)
Missouri S&T: 341-4266 (or 877-752-1117 after hours)
UMKC: 235-1371
UMSL: 516-5366
note.gif Emailed forms must be fully opened in Outlook.
The "View Pane" mode will not display the details for the form.


Basic Form Navigation

  • Go to/Open Outlook
  • Follow the appropriate path:
    • Office 2007: Tools > Forms > Choose Form
    • Office 2010: New Items > More Items > Choose Form
      • ALTERNATE: Developer Ribbon (if activated) > Choose Form
    • Office 2013: New Items > More Items > Choose Form
      • ALTERNATE: Developer Ribbon (if activated) > Choose Form
  • Confirm or Select “Look in” Directory at the top: Organizational Forms Library
  • Find the form in the list alphabetically by name:
    • UM PCard AO-Editor Access Form
    • UM PCard Cancellation Form
    • UM PCard Change Form
    • UM Show Me Shopper Only Access
  • Click to select form and choose Open; or double click on the form name
  • The default view shows the form itself. Instructions or additional information is viewable in the “Show” section at top.
  • Each form has Required and Optional sections. Required fields must be completed prior to sending.
  • Copy the appropriate individuals in the department in the cc field
  • Click Send


Form-Specific Notes

Purchasing Card Forms
May be started by the cardholder or editor in the department and sent to the Approving Official. The Approving Official may make changes and then send to the PCard email (address is listed on the form). Or the Approving Official may create the form directly. Only the final copy should be sent to Procurement Operations, and it MUST be sent from an Approving official’s email account or the form will not be accepted. The cc field may be used as a means to notify the cardholder, or other dept personnel, of changes to the account.

To identify the hierarchy number or Approving Official(s) for a given department, please reference the upper left corner of the Statement of Account (PeopleSoft).

Shopper Access Form
This form may be submitted by anyone in the department – shopper, requester, approver, admin, etc. The cc field may be used to notify the appropriate individuals in the department (see the Shopper Defined section of the form for recommendations).



Reviewed 2014-05-28.