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ALDP 2015 Brochure (PDF)

ALDP 2014 Application (Fillable PDF)

From our own voices...

"ALDP provided tremendous insight to my strengths AND weaknesses, and has given me goals to work towards. I feel that I'm already a much more confident leader for my department." --2014 ALDP participant


"The opportunities to learn, grow, engage peers, and build a network are few and far between once you reach a certain level in higher education leadership. I think we all need to take a page out of the books we give our students about pausing and reflecting and putting effort into Quadrant II activities like this. I would highly recommend ALDP." --2014 ALDP participant

The Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP) provides professional development opportunities to a small group of selected leaders from across the University of Missouri System.  The University of Missouri seeks applications from administrators within the University of Missouri each fall for a spring cohort. We strive to select a diverse group of leaders that includes a wide range of experience and expertise.  Potential participants should:

  • demonstrate performance as an administrative leader;
  • provide leadership to units with a significant impact on services and resources of the university;
  • have potential for advancement to other leadership roles;
  • demonstrate interest in personal and professional development;
  • have the ability to attend all sessions and activities of the program;
  • have the active support of his/her supervisor(s) and unit; and
  • be willing to serve as a "peer coach" to others in the program.

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Program Benefits

  • Learn more about yourself and your leadership characteristics
  • Further your development as a leader
  • Meet other leaders throughout the UM System
  • Work with others to make a difference on your campus


Application Process

  • Complete the application (located on the ALDP website)
  • Discuss the program with your supervisor and obtain endorsement for your participation in the program
  • Submit your application electronically to the Talent Management Office at
  • Applications must be received by December 6, 2013
  • An email will be sent confirming receipt of your application
  • Each applicant will receive an email notifying them whether or not they have been selected to the program



  • Introductory Meeting
    A two-hour meeting to get results of your first self-assessment, get a better understanding of the other assessments and pre-retreat work, discuss logistics for the retreat and get answers to any additional questions you may have.
  • Retreat
    April 21-23, 2014
    Spend three days in Columbia, MO with highly skilled facilitators while getting to know other leaders from the other University of Missouri campuses. Learn about your leadership style through feedback from both self-assessments and a 360o assessment. 
  • Follow-up Sessions
    Connect again with the ALDP group for three follow up sessions over the course of the year. These one day sessions will focus on topics relevant to the group, such as enhancing trust, managing people, and developing a strategic vision.  Follow-up session dates are chosen at the retreat.
  • Monthly Campus Meetings
    Join ALDP colleagues each month to discuss current issues you may be facing, upcoming campus initiatives and share ideas and advice.



  • This professional development opportunity is provided by the UM Human Resources, with no cost to participants. Each participant's home unit is expected to cover travel and lodging costs.




Event Dates



2014 Potential Cohort



2014 Cohort Applications Due
04.21-23.13    2014 Cohort Retreat

2013 Cohort

04.16-18.13    2013 Cohort Retreat            
06.27.13 Follow-up Session #1
11.04.13 Follow-up Session #2


Follow-up Session #3



  • Office of Talent Management

    Greg Holliday, Ph.D., Director of Leadership Development
    Jill Wood, Ph.D., Director of Talent Management
    Katina Volle, Coordinator of Talent Management
  • Contact a past participant (list located on LDP website) 


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