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Best Ideas Contest

Thank you to all who participated in the myLearn Best Ideas contest.  We received many great ideas. The myLearn campus representatives found it tough to choose the top three ideas. 

The top three "Best Ideas" are:

  • "I have a section of my fridge that says "Books I've read this year". I take the icon of the myLearn books I've read through, print them out, and paste them up there. It's a nice reminder on the progress I'm making."
  • "Work with staff to incorporate personal development as part of performance evaluations. Have staff develop their own plan and make it part of their strategic plan for the year."
  • "Ask a co-worker to learn with you. A little friendly competition is always a good motivator, and having a buddy to hold you accountable can keep you on track. The two of you can take the lessons together, perhaps choosing to meet 2x a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, for instance) and can order lunch in. The fact that you're learning together and taking the tests together can encourage healthy competition, and the fact that you are scheduling time with a buddy will make sure you keep that appointment. (Bonus: This may also lead you to take a class that you hadn't previously considered.)"

A sampling of categories and entries for other submissions:

  • Make myLearn courses or books part of annual performance review.
    • "Make it integral in each employee's performance appraisal. Professional development should be something that is expected and rewarded accordingly by the university and not granted at the whim of the supervisor."
    • "I made an annual review goal for myself - to explore two self paced myLearn courses (or books) as a goal. This way, it is measurable by others (my manager) and personally rewrading for me."
  • Books
    myLearn has recently added audio books.  Check out the audio books reference guide on the myLearn website!
    • "Since I have a sizable commute to work every day (60 miles one way), I would like to see myLearn sessions be offered via CD. This way, I could utilize my drive home to listen to learning sessions. I do my best thinking in the car, so this would be ideal!"
    • "We're all prone to distractions, especially when it comes to trying to improve yourself through independent study. I like to set up a comfortable place in the library, open up and load the myLearn book I'm reading on my laptop, and then disable wi-fi. It prevents me from gtting distracted from surfing the web. No Facebook, no Twitter, just me and a myLearn book!"
  • Schedule it on your calendar
    • "Put it on your Outlook Calendar and reserve that time for personal development. Verify with your supervisor that they agree training for you is important and that they support you, then block off an hour once a week/month just for myLearn time. If we go to any other training we would scheudle it that way, why not for myLearn time too?"
    • "I found the time for training when I applied the respect that I give to my boss's time and workload, as well as accuracy of calendar appointments, to my own calendar! Time Management is crucial to my boss's succes, so why not implement that concept for my own success? By closely examining and breaking apart my day to day routine, I found gaps and tasks that I could group together. This not only makes my workload more efficient, it makes me a proactive employee who can calmly keep track of a workload and reduces the stress that can overwhelm at work, instead of a harassed and unfriendly reactive employee who always seems to be behind the workload curve. Using my calendar also puts me in a position of eing able to confidently find the time to undertake professional and personal development training. It assures my boss that time away from the office for training is a wise decision, as not only can I show that my workload can suport my absence, I can also utilize what I have larned, giving back to the office tenfold what I have taken by being away!"
    • "I have placed a reminder on my calendar with a recurrence of every two Fridays that reads: Pick a subject and study for at least half hour. In that way, I am scheduling my time to learn/improve my knowledge about a topic just the same way I schedule all my other engagements. Having that reminder popping out bi-weekly is more than a to-do thing. It actually reminds me that it is time to do something for myself."
    • "I say think of it like a degree. From there build a plan of study. Then commit to it like a course you would take at the university. Put it on your calendar as out of the office."
    • "Make it an enjoyable habit. Put lunch with myLearn on your calendar once a week. Order in lunch, something that you enjoy, so that you can eat at your desk while you're taking your class. Reward yourself when you complete your class successfully (it doesn't have to be big: a cup of expensive coffee, a walk outside, lunch with a friend, or a virtual vacation compliments of the internet)."
  • Time
    • "We all have little bits of time here and there throughout the day. Start myLearn up when you start your email. When you have a 5 minute break between appointments, 5 minutes before lunch, or 5 minutes after lunch, you'll be ready to jump in. This is especially good because the neural systems in the brain need to rest every 3-5 minutes, so the time spent learning will be quality time (and investing in yourself is the best way to use your time!)."
    • "It's hard to find time to take myLearn. But, what one has to consider is how much time, in the future, will be saved because you did take the time to take a myLearn class. Once that knowledge is acuired, you'll save time utilizing your new-found skills. This will also result in less frustration and wasted time when tackling a project."

Best Idea Contest: how do you make time for training?
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Best Idea Contest: How do you make time for training?

What’s the No. 1 challenge employees face with professional training and development?  Without question, it is “finding the time.”  We recognize that carrying on with your quest for professional and personal development takes commitment (and creativity) and we want to hear how you do it!  In this four-week competition, which begins October 18, 2011, ideas are original, the stakes are high and the rewards are vast!


Submit the best thought, suggestion, or inspiration on how to find/make time for myLearn. 


The best source for promoting myLearn is its current users, so we’re turning to you.  Your idea could be just what someone else needed to hear to find time to continue (or even begin) using myLearn tools/resources.


  • Submit “Best Idea(s)” by November 18, 2011:
  • Each best idea is to be submitted individually (please, no group entries).
  • There is no limit on the number of idea submissions per person.
  • All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. on November 18, 2011. 
  • Winners, chosen by myLearn campus representatives, will be announced on December 1, 2011.



  • Prizes include VISA gift cards, myLearn goodies and of course, personal fulfillment and recognition of participation. 


Help a colleague find time to discover what they're missing…

submit your myLearn “Best Idea” today! 

Reviewed 2011-12-02.