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Systems & Operations - UM Production Support

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

Systems & Operations - UM Production Support

The Production Support Department, also known as Production Control, provides professional, administrative support to the University of Missouri System. The Production Support staff’s cumulative knowledge of 280 plus years is an asset to the University of Missouri. Our goal is to ensure the below mission-critical services are performed efficiently and with minimal interruption and cost to the University Of Missouri.

Outlined below are services in which Production Support provides:

  • Monitor and schedule PeopleSoft administrative processes for the Student Information Systems, Financial Administration, Human Resources and Hospital.  Tidal Enterprise Scheduler is the application used to schedule and coordinate the complex, integrated dependencies required of batch processing system-wide.   An average of 55,000 programs process monthly, to ensure the high-volume of administrative data entered daily in PeopleSoft processes efficiently.
  • Archive administrative reports produced from the PeopleSoft Applications, such as pay advices, student bills, financial invoices and administrative reports that comply with state and federal record-retention guidelines. ASG-Mobius DocumentDirect is the application utilized for archiving and retrieval of reports via the web. Security of sensitive data is enforced, as users viewing authority is predetermined by the PeopleSoft security administrators. An additional benefit to archiving is the immense savings to the University, due to the reduction of printing and output delivery.
  • Secure Data transfers execute internally and externally to the University of Missouri utilizing an application called MOVEit Central.  MOVEit transfers sensitive data using PGP encryption/decryption, zip operations, command-line applications and has an antivirus integration built in.  Additionally this application plays a role in keeping SSN’s secure.
  • PeopleSoft enterprise printing system-wide is provided via an application called InfoPrint.  


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