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Chapter 460: UMKC Dental Faculty Practice Plan

460.060 Salary Contract—Base Salary

Bd. Min. 2-11-83.

  1. A participant's base salary shall be measured in part by plan income and in part by funds derived outside the plan. Recommendation of the individual faculty member's base salary contract from all sources including plan income shall be made by the Dean and the appropriate practice group administrator to the appointing authority with this determination becoming a part of the recommended School of Dentistry budget. That portion of the faculty member's base salary measured by the plan income shall preferably reflect the extent of his efforts in patient care. The salary contract will be negotiated in the same manner as other School of Dentistry faculty contracts.

  2. The portion of base salary measured by plan income is payable only to the extent of plan income and any deficiency in plan income shall cause a proportionate reduction in that portion of base salary except as provided for in Section 460.040 D.4.

  3. The faculty contract year for the purposes of the plan will be the faculty contract year of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Faculty members who commence employment subsequent to the beginning of the faculty contract year may be a participant for the remainder of the year.

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