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Chapter 430: Research Assistance Act

430.010 Procedures for Administration of the Research Assistance Act (SB 426)

Bd. Min. 6-18-82; Bd. Min. 9-12-86.

  1. Steering Committee —A steering committee shall be established by the President to include at least one representative from each of the universities as defined by the law. The committee shall consist of no more than eight members of the faculty and administrative staff of the eligible universities, and no more than four persons chosen from outside the universities.
  2. Competitions—There will be at most two competitions per year, with deadline dates established by the steering committee.
  3. Proposals—Proposals may be submitted either for research projects or applied projects, as defined in the law. No more than 25 percent of the amount appropriated in any year may be used for applied projects of unusual promise. Only projects to which contributions were not committed for the same or related work prior to August 13, 1982 are eligible.
    1. Any proposal submitted must include:
      1. A description of the proposed project.
      2. Resumes of the principal investigators and other information about the capability of the individual sand the proposing unit to complete the project successfully. A detailed budget must be included in this section, along with a description of available space, equipment, computer services, and any other support that is necessary for carrying out the proposed project.
      3. A full description of ways in which the project will enhance employment opportunities within Missouri and, in the case of research projects, an explanation of the potential of the project to encourage private investment for a research project that would affect the Missouri economy.
      4. An administrative endorsement by the Chancellor, President, or Vice President responsible for the submitting unit.
  4. Review Panel —The steering committee will select for each proposal a review panel to include persons from outside the universities in that field and persons capable of evaluating the potential economic impact of the proposal. The panel will review the proposal and such additional information as may be needed and will submit individual written reports to the steering committee. Appropriate honoraria for the services of the review panel will be provided.
  5. Recommendation for Funding —The steering committee will review each proposal and the written evaluations from the review panel and will make a recommendation about funding to the President of the University, who in turn will make a recommendation to the Board of Curators for a final decision.
  6. Funds Awarded —Funds awarded will be transferred upon receipt of matching funds, to the chancellor, or Vice President responsible for the proposing unit. That administrator will be responsible for administration of the funds in accord with the law and with other policies adopted by the Board of Curators and promulgated by the President. An annual report summarizing expenditures from the fund will be made to the Board of Curators.

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