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Employment Policies (HR-100)

HR-118 Separations


This policy outlines notice requirements and termination payments for separating employees. Departmental responsibilities in initiating such action are also presented.


At least two (2) weeks notice is required when an employee wishes to resign his/her position in good standing or when an employee is being terminated because of circumstances for which he/she is not responsible such as discontinuation of the job or reorganization. At the University's option, such employee may receive two (2) weeks pay in lieu of notice.

Advance notice is not required when termination is the result of incidents which in and of themselves are so serious as to justify immediate summary discharge. It is also not required if there is a failure to meet punctuality or attendance standards, misconduct, abuse of privilege, violation of University policy or when progressive discipline has been followed ending in termination. Progressive discipline, as expressed in HR601, is applicable to all employees who do not function in executive, administrative, managerial, professional and supervisory positions.


Terminating employees are entitled to pay for all salaries and wages earned to date of termination (last actual day of work), all unused vacation time, not to exceed the maximum allowable accumulation and a refund of contributions made by the employee to the UM Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan if vested status has not been attained. In computing vacation accruals, a half-month or more of active employment is considered a complete month; less than half a month is disregarded.

An administrative, service and support employee who separates from the University (including those eligible for deferred vesting of retirement benefits) will be removed from the payroll on the last day of actual work except in the case of retirement. Medical and dental benefit eligibility continue until the end of the month of termination. Compensation for all permissible accumulation of vacation time will be paid in lump sum in the employee's final paycheck.

An employee who separates for the purpose of retirement will be retained on the payroll until all permissible accumulation of vacation time has been exhausted. Such employees retain benefit eligibility while on the payroll and thereafter retain benefit eligibility in accordance with University policies.


The department is responsible for initiating the necessary action to ensure that all University property and equipment such as keys, cards(ID travel & purchasing), tools, and parking permits are returned on or before the last day of work. Department personnel files for terminated administrative, service and support employees must be transferred, in their entirety, to Human Resource Services. The employee’s Personnel Action Form (PAF) (UM Form 270) must be processed when the employee resigns or is terminated from the University. Any unemployment compensation claims received by a department should be forwarded to Faculty and Staff Benefits, 1000 W. Nifong Building 7 - Suite 210, Columbia, Missouri 65211-8220, Attention: Unemployment Compensation Claims.

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Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 7/1/09