Alumni Alliance

University of Missouri alumni are proud of their alma mater and the educational opportunities they received at one of the four UM System campuses. That is why, long after graduating, many former students contribute their time, energy and gifts to the University to help assure that present and future generations of students also have an opportunity to receive a quality education. Likewise, those who are involved with University of Missouri Extension also recognize the tremendous statewide impact of such activities. The alumni and volunteers who serve as members of the University of Missouri Alliance of Alumni Associations and Extension, which is known informally as the Alumni Alliance, provide a unique service to the university. Composed of leaders representing alumni associations from each campuses and University of Missouri Extension, the Alumni Alliance supports the interests of the entire university, rather than focusing on the needs of a single campus. To further the university’s mission, the Alumni Alliance’s efforts are coordinated with campus alumni and development groups and with Extension groups.


The Alumni Alliance had its beginning in 1968 when 12 alumni from the four campuses held an organizational meeting in St. Louis. The group’s first official name, Alliance of Alumni Associations, was adopted in 1970. The bylaws were accepted in 1972 and revised in 1999, as was the name.


As set forth by the bylaws, the Alumni Alliance’s purpose is threefold:

  • To advance the image of the University of Missouri.
  • To serve, at the request of the university president, as a vehicle for accomplishing programs of mutual benefit to all campuses and Extension.
  • To facilitate the interchange of ideas among alumni associations, Extension and various support groups.


The Alumni Alliance has been involved in a number of projects designed to help support the university. These include:

  • Sponsoring seminars to gauge public attitudes toward the University.
  • Helping arrange "Meet the President" events throughout Missouri.
  • Arranging and recruiting volunteers for Legislative Recognition Day, an annual visit with Missouri House and Senate members held in Jefferson City during the legislative session.
  • Serving on the Presidential Succession Committee.
  • Providing input for the university’s budget-making process.


The Alumni Alliance is a voluntary association composed of 40 members. There are at most eight representatives from each alumni association, elected by their respective associations, and eight from Extension. Officers of the Alumni Alliance include a chair, chair-elect, first vice-chair, second vice-chair and treasurer, each serving a one-year term. Service in these posts rotates among representatives of the four campuses and Extension.


Alumni Alliance activities are funded by voluntary contributions from the four alumni associations and Extension. No public funds are involved, although the university does provide staff support to the group. The Alliance, in turn, lends financial support to university functions such as governmental relations and development. Members pay their own travel, meal and lodging expenses when participating in Alliance meetings and functions.

Reviewed 2013-04-01.