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UM System Legislative Priorities

Supporting the University of Missouri System is an investment in the future of our state. 

The university serves Missouri citizens and communities through its mission of teaching, research, public service and economic development across our four campuses and University of Missouri Extension. Support of the following priorities will help us carry out our core mission.

Download UM System Legislative Priorities (PDF)

Retaining Core Operations2014 Estimated Operations Fund Revenue Sources

Support state funding requests for core operations as well as new and continuing initiatives to help ensure we can carry out our mission.                            

  • $407.5 million base appropriation
  • The university has identified the following $27.1 million in additional core funding needs:
    • $14.8 million for performance funding
    • $10 million for the School of Medicine partnership
    • $2 million for the Joint Pharmacy program
    • $340,000 for Missouri Federal and State Technology partnership program
  • Total Request = $434.6 million

Enhancing Missouri Competitiveness

Support the funding of University of Missouri programs that play a critical role in strengthening economic competitiveness by educating students and fostering research and innovation in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines.

  • STEM Education and Research Capacity - $50.9 million
    • Increasing the number of students educated in STEM fields will help meet growing job demands and investing in facilities, infrastructure, and cutting-edge equipment will enhance Missouri’s competitiveness in this critical area of our state’s economy.
  • Expanding the Successful Missouri College Advising Corps - $3 million
    • The program places recent college graduates in high schools with lower than average college-going rates to assist students in preparing for college. Increased funding would expand the Missouri College Advising Corps to 48 high schools statewide.

Supporting Capital Projects

Support 50/50 public-private matching partnerships and a bonding initiative for capital projects. 

  • The university currently faces a $1.3 billion backlog of renovation and repair projects on all four campuses.
  • Corporate, individual and foundation donors have stepped up to support the university’s capital projects for a true 50/50 partnership with the state. The appropriation of state matching funds will leverage this support and speed the completion of campus capital projects.
  • We support the placement of a higher education bonding initiative on the statewide ballot to provide funding for our top capital priorities on each campus.

Reviewed 2014-01-03.