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State News: Articles on the Value of Higher Education

block  Kansas City Star: Missouri lags in students taking college credit exams   Missouri ranks near the back of the pack nationally in the number of high school students taking tests for college credit. But those who do are faring well.

block  Kansas City Star: Missouri by the numbers: A state in trouble   In the state of denial known as Missouri, school boards contemplate laying off more teachers. Families anguish over excessive tuition rates at public universities. Overworked medical professionals struggle to meet the demands of one of the nation’s unhealthiest states.

block  St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Why is Missouri lagging behind economically?  Education   Imagine if St. Louis didn't rank 76th out of the nation's 100 largest cities in percentage of job growth since the Great Recession in 2007 to the end of last year.  Imagine if Missouri's growth in total income last year wasn't 48th in the nation. Imagine if Missouri's college degree attainment rate was better than 34th in the nation.

block  UMSL Daily: Future of state universities in doubt?   Are we observing a downward spiral toward the end of the state university? In the past three years the University of Missouri–St Louis has suffered budget cuts in state appropriations of $2.9 million, $3.7 million and $3 million.

block  St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Key to college access in Missouri is reversing funding trend   Four numbers, when considered in their relationship to each other, should scare the heck out of anybody concerned about the future of Missouri's young people and the state's economy.