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Legislative Priorities

Supporting the University of Missouri System is an investment in the future of our state. 

The university serves Missouri citizens and communities through its mission of teaching, research, public service and economic development across our four campuses and University of Missouri Extension. Support of the following priorities will help us carry out our core mission.

Retaining and Enhancing Core Operations

FY16 Estimated Operations Fund Revenue Sources include 52% net student fees, 35% state appropriations and 13% other income which includes sales and service, endowment and investment, and gifts Support state funding requests for core operations, funding for improved outcomes and for continuing initiatives to help ensure we can carry out our mission.                    

  • $447.3 million Core Operations is the base level of support to ensure we can carry out our mission.  This theme is made up of five components:
    • $434.5 million base appropriations
    • $10 million MU School of Medicine partnership in SW Missouri
    • $2 million UMKC/MSU pharmacy program
    • $300,000 UMSL international collaboration
    • $500,000 UMKC neighborhood initiative program
  • 5 percent ($21.7 million) funding for improved outcomes to reward UM for meeting all of our performance measures.  
  • $8.7 million for STEM strategic investments across UM.
  • $1.5 million for UMKC/Missouri Southern dental school expansion

Maintenance and Repair Projects

Revenue bonds for the maintenance & repair projects approved by the legislature last year will help fund complete renovations to two buildings and partial renovations to three additional buildings.  We request support for additional maintenance and repair projects to complete the next phase of the renovations and to continue to improve STEM facilities. 

  • The university currently faces a $1.6 billion backlog of renovation and repair projects.
  • Next priority maintenance and repair projects for UM include $16.8 million for McKee Hall at MU; $16.3 million for Spencer Chemistry and Biological Sciences at UMKC; $37.9 million for Schrenk Hall at Missouri S&T; and $24.6 million for Stadler Hall at UMSL.

Supporting Public-Private 50/50 Projects

Donors have stepped up to support the university’s capital projects. State matching funds will leverage this support for a true 50/50 partnership with the state.

  • We seek $20.4 million in matching funds for the following projects: $12.9 million for the School of Music at MU, $3 million for the Butler-Carlton Hall Advanced Construction Materials Lab-Expansion at Missouri S&T, $3 million for the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute’s Center for Regenerative Orthopaedics at MU, and $1.5 million for a Teaching and Research Winery at MU.