Procurement Services

Contract Information

Below is a list of contracts available for all campuses sorted by commodity category. Consortiums are listed at the bottom.

Category Contract# Expires Buyer Supplier Description Docs MBE/
ePro Catalog
Computer Hardware S062992 2016-03-31 Heather Reed Apple Computers Computer Hardware - Apple computers
Computer Hardware Q043003 2016-12-31 Heather Reed Dell Computers, Inc. Computer Hardware - Dell Computers SMS
Computer Hardware EANDI2006 2017-05-31 Heather Reed Hewlett Packard HP Standard Desktop/Notebook Configuration SMS
Computer Hardware UNVMO 0000-00-00 Heather Reed Newark Electronics Newark Electronics - national electronics source for power products wirecable b SMS
Computer Hardware CNR-01141 2017-03-31 Heather Reed Connection Inc. Computer Peripherals Software Supplies and Services SMS
Computer Hardware 111309-CDW 2015-12-15 Heather Reed CDW-G Computer Peripherals-HardwareSoftware
Computer Software Blackboard 2016-12-30 Heather Reed Blackboard, Inc. Software - Blackboard Support
Computer Software Q031403 0000-00-00 Heather Reed Perceptive Software Software - Document Imaging Licensing Agreement
Computer Software Q060608 2011-09-30 Heather Reed Dell Marketing L.P. Software - Microsoft Campus/Academic Select/Student Select
Computer Software CNR-01341 2018-07-31 Heather Reed B&H Photo Full line of photo, video, audio, lighting, etc. SMS
Copiers C213093 2019-12-31 Multiple Providers State of Missouri/WSCA Agreement
Copiers Xerox 0000-00-00 Xerox Copy Machines
Custodial Items HillyardSciQuest 2023-06-30 Wade Jadwin Hillyard Janitorial Supplies and Equipment SMS
Custodial Items 12-2007-WJ-S 2017-06-30 Wade Jadwin Royal Paper Coarse Paper
Express Mail Express Mail 2018-06-30 David Silvey FedEx Express Mail Services
Fuels 8287SRP 2013-06-30 Kevin Summers Knight Hawk Coal LLC Bituminous Coal and Related Ash Disposal
Fuels 8104SLJ 2012-06-30 Wade Jadwin Cornerstone Energy Inc. Natural Gas
Fuels 17-8022-KS-C 2021-09-30 Kevin Summers MFA Oil Company Gasoline and Diesel Fuel 50 mile Radius of Columbia MO
Furniture Furniture 0000-00-00 Darla Higgins Multiple Suppliers Office Furnishings
Furniture MUHi5MOU 2021-12-15 Darla Higgins Hi5 Furniture Inc. Custom tables
Maintenance/ Building Supplies CNR01248 2017-06-30 David Silvey Grainger Supply Maintenance, Building, and other Facilities Supplies SMS
Maintenance/ Building Supplies MSC Industrial Supplies 2017-06-30 David Silvey MSC Industrial Supply Company Full line of tools electrical plumbing hardware and other maintenance and Facili SMS
Maintenance/ Building Supplies MPA-FRENCHGERLEMAN 2017-06-30 David Silvey French Gerleman French Gerleman automation datacom electrical and power transmission products SMS
Maintenance/ Building Supplies MPA-FROSTELECTRIC 2017-06-30 David Silvey Frost Electric Frost Electric - electrical lighting voice and data industrial automation utilti SMS
Misc 13-2071-WJ-SA 2018-06-30 David Silvey Ebsco Information Services Foreign and Domestic Serials Subscriptions
Misc GiftCards 0000-00-00 Heather Reed National Gift Card Gift Cards
Misc CED Philips 2015-06-30 David Silvey CED Philips Electrical Supplies SMS
Misc Mecho-MOU 2024-07-02 Darla Higgins Mecho Shades Window Treatments
Misc 14-9020-DH-C 2029-02-05 Heather Reed CBORD Door Access System
Networks C210033001 2016-12-31 Heather Reed World Wide Technology Cisco Products Cisco Networking Products
Office Supplies CNR01373 2024-07-31 David Silvey Staples Office Supplies and Accessories SMS
Office Supplies CNR01054 2015-12-31 David Silvey OfficeMax Office Supplies and Accessories SMS
Scientific S021006 2017-06-30 Kevin Summers Fisher Scientific Scientific and Lab Supplies - Primary Vendor SMS
Scientific SigmaChemical 2015-11-12 Kevin Summers Sigma Chemical Lab Chemicals and Life Science Supplies SMS
Scientific S060305 2016-06-30 Kevin Summers Perkin Elmer Radioisotopes SMS
Scientific CNR-01206 2015-09-30 Kevin Summers Agilent Technologies thru E and I Cooperative Agilent Technologies - Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Products Only SMS
Scientific MPA-IDT 2013-07-28 Kevin Summers Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. IDT Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. IDT - Nucleic acid synthesis SMS
Services 12-7002-DS-U 2017-06-30 David Silvey Airgas Industrial and Research Gas SMS
Services 12-8011-KS-C 2017-06-30 Darla Higgins Multiple Suppliers Temporary Employee Services
Services 15-9016-DH-C 2017-01-17 Heather Reed Multiple Suppliers IT Training
Services 14-8004-KS-C 2019-02-28 Darla Higgins Multiple Suppliers Media Transcription and Captioning Services
Telco Telephone 2016-08-31 Heather Reed Qwest, Inc. Telephone - Long Distance Service
Telco C111155001 2016-08-31 Heather Reed Anixter Inc. Anixter - State of Missouri Cooperative Contract and UM Master Pricing Agreement SMS
Travel 5987 0000-00-00 Teresa Vest Delta Airlines Airline Carrier Agreement
Travel 6001 0000-00-00 Teresa Vest American Airlines Airline Carrier Agreement
Travel 6036 0000-00-00 Teresa Vest Enterprise Rental Corporate Service
Construction 16-9007-DH-C 2017-05-01 Darla Higgins Custom Casework Facilities Design Construction ServicesCasework Services



These organizations provide higher education institutions access to a portfolio of contracted products and services that can offer a reduction in operational costs. Cooperatives aggregate the buying power of educational institutions across the country.

Purchases under $10,000 may be made directly through these cooperatives. Some of these cooperative agreements have already been competitively bid, but others have not. Contact Procurement Services for assistance on purchases over $10,000.