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System-level media inquiries, including requests for interviews with University of Missouri System administrators or personnel, should be directed to the Office of Strategic Communications at (573) 882-0601.


Campus-level media inquiries, including requests for interviews with campus administrators, professors or experts, should be directed to the individual campus.


University of Missouri-Columbia: (573) 882-6211
MU Media Relations and MU Experts Guide


University of Missouri-Kansas City: (816) 235-1601
UMKC Media Relations and UMKC Experts Guide


Missouri University of Science and Technology: (573) 341-4328
MS&T Media Relations


University of Missouri-St. Louis: (314) 516-5493
UMSL Media Relations and Experts Guide


University of Missouri Extension: (573) 882-7216
Extension Media Relations and Expert Guide


University of Missouri Health System: (573) 882-1081
Health Media Relations

Media Resources

Board of Curators

General UM System Information