Healthy for Life: T.E. Atkins UM Wellness Program

You can earn your 2014 Wellness Incentive as a $100 credit toward your health premiums in your May paycheck by completing  just two simple steps – your Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and Health Screening. Click here to learn more.

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 Earn $100 and Win Prizes with the 2014 Wellness Incentive

Complete the 2014 Wellness Incentive by April 30 and earn $100 in your final May paycheck. Plus, you'll be entered in a drawing for one of three iPad Minis, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, or one of two FitBit Flexes. Learn more.


Join the Governor's 100 Missouri Miles Challenge

Start the challenge now!

Whether you run, walk, ride, swim or roll, there is a trail or other outdoor venue that can help you meet the 100 Missouri Miles Challenge. Join Governor Nixon in the second year of the challenge, and enjoy the benefits of physical activity and Missouri's award-winning trails.

Even if it's just one or two miles to begin with, it doesn't matter how small you start as long as you’re participating. From the paved trails that make a great spot for a sunset stroll to a challenging hike through the wilderness, from paddling on Missouri's water trails to a bike ride along the Katy Trail, there are options for all ages and activity levels.

Last year’s challenge was a huge success. Missourians completed over one million miles of physical activity--activity that triggers endorphins, promotes relaxation, prevents anxiety and depression, improves muscle mass, and improves your balance. Visit the 100 Missouri Miles website to find a trail, find an event and more.