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How many interviews were conducted?
A total of 20 interviews per campus were conducted.

Who was interviewed?
With the assistance of the Diversity Advisory Group, IBIS identified representative individuals to interview, primarily from among the leadership and administrators.

How many focus groups were conducted?
There were a total of 24 focus groups per campus (eight faculty, eight staff and eight student groups) with no more than 15 people participating in each group.

Who was in the focus groups?
Participants in the focus groups were randomly selected. Each group was organized demographically.

Why were groups organized by demographics?
This method has proven to be the most effective in fostering comfortable and candid discussions.

I did not get an invitation to participate in the focus group; what about other opportunities to provide input?
In addition to the audit reviewing policies, practices and programs, a systemwide climate survey was distributed in fall 2016. The climate survey is an opportunity for all members of the UM community to provide input on their experiences in the UM System.

When was the project completed?
IBIS submitted their findings to the University of Missouri System in November 2016 (read the full audit findings report (PDF)). The UM System DEI Task Force reviewed the audit findings and put forth its recommendations report (PDF) in December 2016. A DEI asset inventory is also available.

Reviewed 2019-08-05