Entrepreneurial Scholars & Interns Program


What is the internship for?

The internship program allows a student to work in an entrepreneurial environment. The purposes of the internship are to:

  1. Gain a first-hand working knowledge of an entrepreneurial firm.
  2. Apply the academic foundations provided in the classroom and other life experiences to the challenges found in entrepreneurial firms.
  3. Reinforce general business and management knowledge; gain a greater understanding of one or more specific areas in entrepreneurship; and reinforce, reveal, and improve individual weaknesses.
  4. Sharpen professional skills, including the following: ability to work cooperatively with others; motivation; ethics; professional conduct; communication; and additional skills required for success in business.

What are the requirements of the internship?

  • Interns are expected to either 1) be developing their own start-up business or 2) work for a start-up company within the state of Missouri.
  • Once the intent of the student is identified then he or she will be paired with an entrepreneurial mentor.
  • The internship is meant to be a hands-on experience so it is anticipated that interns will be expected to log 30 hours of intern experience per week for 10 weeks during the summer. Further details will be provided once an intern is paired with a suitable mentor.
  • Interns must maintain a weekly journal of their experience during the internship.
  • Interns are expected to participate in the ESIP Event Series by attending the event that are scheduled on each campus (some travel required*).

*The ESI Program provides opportunities for the selected cohort to meet periodically.  These meetings are scheduled around the ESIP Event Series which take place on each campus.  A small travel stipend is available for these events.

If you have questions, contact Sara Cochran at cochransl@umsystem.edu.