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Compensation Calculator

Reviewed 2019-07-26

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Cost of living overview

Missouri offers low state taxes, vibrant communities, and award-winning state parks, among other advantages. UM System campuses are located in cities that offer a lower cost of living than many other metropolitan areas--meaning you can pay less for day-to-day expenses and entertainment.

66% less than New York, NY (Manhattan)

59% less than San Francisco, CA

46% less than Los Angeles, CA

39% less than Chicago, IL

27% less than Denver, CO

21% less than Atlanta, GA

15% less than Dallas, TX

This calculator is a decision-making tool for prospective employees considering a career with the University of Missouri (UM) System. Compensation is bigger than just the salary you earn. It includes how much the university subsidizes your insurance, what kinds of retirement plans are available to you, the number of paid leave days you can earn, and more. Use this calculator to help compare your current compensation with what UM can offer.

Also, explore the Total Rewards website to learn more about the rewards package we offer to acknowledge our employees as the university's most important resource. All circumstances cannot be accounted for in this calculator (footnote 1). Individuals have unique considerations that may not be captured. And because faculty benefits can differ depending on the position, this calculator is primarily for individuals who are considering a staff position.

Please note: This calculator is not geared for existing UM employees; it does not populate with your existing compensation information. Existing employees seeking an estimate of their retirement earnings should go to the the webpage named "Estimate your retirement benefits."

Compensation comparison chart
Your Current Employer University of Missouri System
Salary and Earnings Salary and Earnings
Your current gross, annual base salary $
Your projected gross, annual base salary at UM $
Your current gross earnings above base salary $
Your projected gross earnings above base salary $
Subtotal $
Subtotal $
Health plans
Enter the annual value of what your current employer pays for your benefits
Health plans
UM employer-paid medical premiums
    Who will be covered?
Medical plan employer contribution
if you don't know, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation's Employer-based Health Insurance Premiums webpage
Select a medical plan
Health Savings Account (HSA) $
Health Savings Account (HSA)
available with the high-deductible Healthy Savings Plan (footnote 2)
Dental plan employer contribution $
Select a dental plan
Subtotal $
Subtotal $
Retirement Retirement
Dollar value of your current annual retirement benefits paid by your employer $
Reflects an 8% UM contribution 
This is an estimate only which will vary by age and years of service (footnote 3)
Other benefits
Enter the annual value of other benefits paid for by your current employer
Other benefits
Additional benefits paid for by UM
Dollar value of your current annual benefits paid by your employer, other than medical, HSA, dental, retirement, and paid time off. $
Life insurance (footnote 4)
Estimate of Basic Life only.
    Long-term disability insurance $
    Educational assistance
Do you want to include the maximum, annual value of the employee educational assistance program? (footnote 5) If yes, choose the campus at which you are likely to attend classes.
Paid time off
Includes holidays, vacation, personal days, and sick leave. Enter number of days; assumes you are a full-time employee
Paid time off
Includes holidays, vacation, personal days, and sick leave. Select exempt or non-exempt for the position you are considering (generally speaking, non-exempt means you are considering an hourly position and exempt means you are considering a salaried position).
Subtotal $
Subtotal $


Summary of total compensation
Your current employer University of Missouri System
Value of employer-paid benefits $
Value of UM-paid benefits $
Salary and earnings $
Salary and earnings $
Total $
Total $
Value of benefits as a % of salary $
Value of benefits as a % of salary $


Notice of Nondiscrimination

If you speak another language, assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call UnitedHealthcare at 1-844-634-1237 for translation assistance.

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