One for All and All for One:  We Are All Responsible for Cyber Security

We are an Internet-driven society living digitally connected lives. Web connectivity expands beyond just our homes and workspaces as mobile devices have become the craze of the future. Most of us handle personal and professional business electronically, because the Internet provides us with the ability to expand our lives from local to global.  Even if you find yourself in the less technologically driven sector of the population, your information still passes through the information superhighway on a regular basis. Financial transactions, healthcare information, biographical/demographical data, et cetera pass through the virtual realm at some point. 

No one entity is solely responsible for safeguarding the internet; it is a community resource and we all have a role in protecting our digital society. We can do this by following best practices, implementing stronger security guidelines, expanding online security awareness, and through continued training and educational opportunities. Simply put, become engaged and get involved!

The month of October is recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Throughout this month, the Division of IT will be introducing a series of topics designed to educate our users about computer and information security. 

Please join us in safeguarding our digital society!   



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Last updated: September 11, 2017