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Security Alerts


Major Equifax Cyber Attack Impacting 143 Million Americans, September 11

Printer Model/Toner Social Engineering Scam, July 24

Watch out for Malicious Apps Posing as Virus Scanners!, June 16

Chipotle Mexican Grill Reports Payment Card Security Incident, May 31

Google Docs Phishing Scam: What We Know, May 04

Apple releases iOS Update to Remedy WiFi Problems, April 19

Update LastPass NOW to Protect Your Passwords!, April 19

Social Engineering Attacks hit Google Maps, April 19

Be Careful with Attachments in Your Emails!, April 19

Employment Opportunity Scam, January 23


Ho, Ho, NO! Don’t let online deals become cyber steals!, December 16

Tracking Number Email Scams Target Online Shoppers, December 15

Social Engineering and Phishing Scam Affect LinkedIn Users, November 28

Yahoo ‘expected to confirm massive data breach’, says Recode, September 22

When virtual meets reality: Pokémon GO is a real world adventure with real-life risks, July 21

300 Wendy’s Restaurants Fall Victim to Malware, May 19

Google has released a new update for Chrome, April 29

FBI Successfully Hacks the iPhone, April 05

Warning!  Details on the Latest Email Scam, February 03

Printer Model/Toner Social Engineering Scam, January 14


Dridex Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Malware Security Alert Bulletin, November 16

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!, October 06

University’s Response to IRS Fraud, March 23


Microsoft Security Bulletin Release (Out-Of-Band), November 18

IT Security News


Why you’re suddenly getting lots of emails from sites you haven’t visited in years, May 30

Reducing your Information Footprint, May 14

It’s National Password Day, May 03

More Than Half of Android Apps for Kids Are Violating US Privacy Laws, April 17

Securing Devices by Making Simple Changes, April 05

Staying Safe from Tax Scams, March 20

Nearly Half of the Norway Population Exposed in HealthCare Data Breach, January 23

Post-it with password spotted in online photo of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency HQ, January 19

Cyber Security Competitions for Girls in US and UK, January 19


A Hacking Group Is Already Exploiting the Office Equation Editor Bug, November 28

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People, November 28

Google study shows how your account is most likely to be hijacked, November 15

Girl Scouts of the USA Will Introduce 18 Cybersecurity Badges, November 15

BlueBorne: What You Need To Know, September 15

500+ Android apps found containing program that can download spyware plug-in, August 25

Malicious PowerPoint Slide Show files exploit Microsoft bug to deliver REMCOS RAT, August 18

70% of DevOps Pros Say They Didn’t Get Proper Security Training in College, August 18

How Cybersecurity Became 2017’s Hot New Major, August 18

Mozilla Firefox patches 29 vulnerabilities, August 11

Android app stores flooded with 1,000 spyware apps, August 11

Adobe patches security flaws in Acrobat and Reader, August 11

Microsoft fixes ‘critical’ security bugs affecting all versions of Windows, August 11

CopyCat malware infects 14M Android devices, steals credits for app downloads, July 10

Anthem will pay $115 million in largest data breach settlement in history, June 27

Why Girl Scouts Make Great Cybersecurity Hackers, June 20

New Ransomware affects Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, June 16

Diversity in Recent Mac Malware, May 26

WannaCry: Ransom note analysis throws up new clues, May 26

Android Overlay and Accessibility Features Leave Millions at Risk, May 26

No More Ransom!, May 24

Windows Defender does not defend Windows 7 against WannaCry, May 24

BEC scammers picked off $5B, FBI says, May 10

Microsoft uncovers hacking operation aimed at software supply chain, May 10

WordPress Zero-Day Could Expose Password Reset Emails, May 05

Massive Google Docs phishing attack targeted credentials, permissions, May 05

Nokia Threat Intelligence Report- Protect your IoT devices!, April 19

President Trump Signs Repeal of U.S. Broadband Privacy Rules, April 19

Critical Security Updates from Adobe, Microsoft, April 14

Microsoft Patches Critical Zero-Day Exploit in Office Suite, April 14

Microsoft kills off security bulletins after several stays, April 14

Home Routers Used to Hack WordPress Sites, April 14

Email-based attacks exploit unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word, April 11

Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers Hit By Hackers, April 11

Google discloses unpatched IE flaw after Patch Tuesday delay, February 28

Windows 10 to permit block on apps installing if they’re not from Microsoft Store, February 28

RIAA, Other Copyright Holders Want ISPs to Introduce Piracy Filters, February 28

Yahoo issues new breach warning; Verizon shaves $300M off its Yahoo offer, February 17

Adobe issues patches, Microsoft’s usual Patch Tuesday fixes delayed, February 17

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Secure Score, February 14

Microsoft Delays February’s Security Updates, February 14

Microsoft Warns of Emails Bearing Crafty PDF Phishing Scams, February 02

Half the Web Is Now Encrypted. That Makes Everyone Safer, February 02

Police camera system in D.C. hit with ransomware, February 02

This phishing email uses an unexpected trick to infect PCs with keylogger malware, January 17

Kaspersky antivirus exposed users to traffic-interception attacks, January 06

Data: More vulnerabilities found in Google Android than any other program in 2016, January 06

Google Patches Android for 90 Vulnerabilities in January Update, January 06


New ransomware asks victims to spread the malware as payment, December 13

Google Patches Android for 74 Vulnerabilities in December Update, December 07

Visa Delays Chip Deadline for Pumps To 2020, December 07

Google Implements “Repeat Offender” Category for Safe Browsing, November 28

White House: Your logins must be better than this, September 30

Lock Down Your Login, September 29

Apple macOS Sierra Fixes 68 Vulnerabilities, September 23

Yahoo Reveals Nation State-Borne Data Breach Affecting A Half-Billion Users, September 23

Microsoft releases one of its biggest security updates this year, September 16

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Updates, September 16

Two-speed Android update risk: Mobes face months-long wait, August 24

Eddie Bauer is latest retailer to be hit by point-of-sale malware, August 24

Apple Updates iOS to Version 9.3.4, August 12

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2016, August 12

Google to push Flash closer to extinction with new version of Chrome, August 12

Software Bundling Outfits Intentionally Distributing Unwanted Apps, August 10

Newkirk medical records breach impacts 3.3M, Blue Cross Blue Shield customers affected, August 10

Most companies still can’t spot incoming cyberattacks, July 19



National Cyber Security Awareness Month, October 23

WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! – Password Security is Your Launch pad for a SAFE send off into Cyberspace!, October 23

Handling the Dark Matter of Being Hacked!, October 16

Securing Your Connections, October 09

You are the Target, but YOU have the power!, October 01

One for All and All for One: Buckle up for Cyber Security Awareness Month!, September 28

Best Practices


Backups 101: Get the 4-1-1 on how to keep your information safe!, October 18

YOU Are the Target, September 15

Protecting Your Social Media Presence, September 13

Data Privacy:  How big is your digital footprint?, January 20


Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 21

Mobile Devices, February 06

Cloud Computing, February 01

Best Practices: Apache Web Server, January 06


Best Practices: Protect Laptops From Theft, August 06

Best Practices: Data Disposal, April 05

Featured Topics


Shopping Safely Online over the Holidays, November 29


One for All and All for One:  We Are All Responsible for Cyber Security, September 11

File Sharing vs. Online Streaming: What’s the Diff?, August 23

Raising Digitally-Safe Kids in the Era of Sharing Everything, July 12

June is Internet Safety Month!, June 16

From Surfing Waves to Surfing the World Wide Web: Be Safe Online While Traveling, May 22

Computers and Mobile Devices Need Spring Cleaning Too!, April 19

Nothing can be said to be certain during this season, besides taxes and phishing attacks!, February 28

Candy Hearts, Love Notes, and Cyber Scams?!, February 06

Data Privacy:  How big is your digital footprint?, January 20


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT), November 29

‘Twas the Night before Cyber Monday: Tips for Secure Online Shopping, November 15

Two-Step Verification and the New Secure Authentication Toolkit, September 22

Password Safety, August 24

Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 16

Ransomware:  PAY UP or you will NEVER see your computer’s data again!, April 11

SMiShing Is Nothing to ‘LOL’ About :(, March 01


At Work, Nothing is Personal:  Compartmentalizing Your Inbox, December 15

Don’t Let a Virus Get You Down, September 21

Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 21

The Electronic Graveyard: Do Not Let Old Technology Haunt You!, May 13

Gone Phishing? Don’t Take the Bait, Protect Yourself from Online Poachers!, March 11

Candy Hearts, Love Notes, and Cyber Scams?!, February 11



Phishing Scams, March 14


National Cyber Security Awareness Month, October 23


Password Safety, August 24


Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 21

Social Engineering, June 11



Phishing Scams, March 14


Get Your Computer Back: What to do After You’ve Been Hacked, September 14

Microsoft Windows SMB Server Vulnerability: MS17-010, August 02


Social Engineering, June 11

Identity Theft, June 04



Security Awareness Training, June 30


Guest Lecture Program, April 12