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Data Privacy:  How big is your digital footprint?, January 20

We are all members of a digital society; consequently, our online activities, interactions, and behaviors cast a mold which becomes unique to our online presence. This virtual impression is known as our digital footprint. - Read more


Protecting Your Social Media Presence, November 28

Social media sites are great tools that allow us to keep in touch with friends, family and coworkers. However, understanding the potential risks to these sites is important to enjoying and using them properly. Your online activities may expose excessive information about your identity, location, affiliations, and relationships, which leads to an increased risk of identity theft, targeted violence and/or stalking. - Read more


Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 21

The issue most people suffer with is remembering their complex passwords. As a result, many people will create one strong password and use the same one, or variations of it, for all of their accounts and devices. However, if you reuse your password, you put yourself at great risk for further exploitation. - Read more

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