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Shopping Safely Online over the Holidays, November 29

The holiday season is a time of year when many cybercriminals roll out their best-dressed scams, dampening the holiday spirit for people around the world. Here are some key tips for protecting yourself not only during the holidays, but throughout the whole year. - Read more


One for All and All for One:  We Are All Responsible for Cyber Security, September 11

No one entity is solely responsible for safeguarding the internet; it is a community resource and we all have a role in protecting our digital society. We can do this by following best practices, implementing stronger security guidelines, expanding online security awareness, and through continued training and educational opportunities. - Read more

File Sharing vs. Online Streaming: What’s the Diff?, August 23

Do you download music, movies, or books online? If so, are you doing it legally? There’s a huge difference between file sharing (also known as torrenting) and general online streaming. Learn more! - Read more

Raising Digitally-Safe Kids in the Era of Sharing Everything, July 12

In this day and age, the number one entertainment source for kids seems to reside online. Follow our tips to help your kids become great digital citizens! - Read more

June is Internet Safety Month!, June 16

What better way to kick off the summer than making sure you’re safe online? Learn how you can be more cyber secure! - Read more

From Surfing Waves to Surfing the World Wide Web: Be Safe Online While Traveling, May 22

No matter where your journey takes you, do not allow yourself to become careless with security! Get tips on staying cyber secure before and while you are traveling. - Read more

Computers and Mobile Devices Need Spring Cleaning Too!, April 19

For many people, spring is the perfect time to say out with the old, and in with the new! Find out how you can de-clutter your virtual junk. - Read more

Nothing can be said to be certain during this season, besides taxes and phishing attacks!, February 28

‘Tis the season for an abundance of scams aimed at all the taxpayers! Email schemes (known as phishing) fraudulently use the name and logo of the IRS, as well as tax software companies, to deceive individuals into disclosing their W-2 information. Learn how to protect yourself from being poached! - Read more

Candy Hearts, Love Notes, and Cyber Scams?!, February 06

Valentine’s Day evokes images of red and pink hearts mixed with chocolates, flowers, romance, and… CYBER-CRIME?! That’s right, cyber-criminals are fully primed to capitalize on the lovers (and the lonely) this Valentine’s Day! - Read more

Data Privacy:  How big is your digital footprint?, January 20

We are all members of a digital society; consequently, our online activities, interactions, and behaviors cast a mold which becomes unique to our online presence. This virtual impression is known as our digital footprint. - Read more


Securing the Internet of Things (IoT), November 29

The Internet of Things (IoT) trend is all about connecting common, everyday goods to the Internet. While this kind of connectivity can make everyday life simpler, it can come at a high price…namely cyber security. Follow our best practices to protect your IoT devices! - Read more

‘Twas the Night before Cyber Monday: Tips for Secure Online Shopping, November 15

Electronic retail is a non-shopper’s holiday shopping and gift giving dream come true! Follow these tips to protect yourself while shopping online. - Read more

Two-Step Verification and the New Secure Authentication Toolkit, September 22

Passwords are the forefront of protecting your personal information as well as the University’s electronic data. Given this, the University is taking password security to another level by implementing the Secure Authentication Toolkit! In addition to being the sole resource for all password activities* (such as password activation and registration, password reset, forgot your password, and password change processes), this application provides a second layer of password safety by requiring an additional authentication scheme (such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and knowledge-based questions/answers) in order for users to gain access to systems and/or retrieve their password.This additional schema is known as two-step/two-factor authentication. - Read more

Password Safety, August 24

Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 16

Passwords are at the forefront of protecting your online personal identity and information. Ideally, you should have a strong and unique password for each of your accounts; however, the issue most people suffer with is remembering all their complex passwords. Solution: Password Manager Software programs! - Read more

Ransomware:  PAY UP or you will NEVER see your computer’s data again!, April 11

“YOU HAVE THREE DAYS TO PAY THIS RANSOM OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FILES FOREVER!” CryptoLocker is among the many variations of ransomware lurking in cyber space today. Once infected, the victim’s files are encrypted by the cyber attacker who demands a ransom payment for the release of the decryption key. Follow these best practices to beat the crooks at their own game! - Read more

SMiShing Is Nothing to ‘LOL’ About :(, March 01


At Work, Nothing is Personal:  Compartmentalizing Your Inbox, December 15

The objective for your email account should differ widely depending on whether it is your University account or your personal account. As a best practice, your University account should be regarded as work-related and reserved for what it has been truly designed for: University business. - Read more

Don’t Let a Virus Get You Down, September 21

Keep your computer healthy by using anti-virus software. - Read more

Password Managers: The Intrepid End of the P@$$w0rD Retention Battle, August 21

The issue most people suffer with is remembering their complex passwords. As a result, many people will create one strong password and use the same one, or variations of it, for all of their accounts and devices. However, if you reuse your password, you put yourself at great risk for further exploitation. - Read more

The Electronic Graveyard: Do Not Let Old Technology Haunt You!, May 13

Gone Phishing? Don’t Take the Bait, Protect Yourself from Online Poachers!, March 11

Candy Hearts, Love Notes, and Cyber Scams?!, February 11