ASUM-led task force concludes work, issues recommendations

Nearly a year ago, ASUM convened a task force comprised of leaders from across the state of Missouri to explore ways key players can proactively address mental health issues on college campuses. This task force operated separately from our legislative efforts, which were ultimately successful when our mental health bill passed on the final day of session. Today, we are happy to announce that the task force has concluded its work and has arrived at a set of recommendations that, if implemented, could drastically improve student mental health for tens of thousands of Missouri students. These recommendations are intended to […]

2018 Session in Review: Two Bills Cross the Finish Line, Cuts to Higher Education Restored, Bad Bills Blocked

Every legislative session, the ASUM legislative team advocates for the 75,000 students of the University of Missouri System at the Missouri State Capitol. We do this by writing legislation, testifying in committee hearings, and meeting one-on-one with every member of the Missouri General Assembly. This year, thanks to the dedication of our student leadership and our seven legislative interns from across the UM System, ASUM was able to pass several of its key legislative priorities into law. This required a coherent strategy, compromise, and building bipartisan coalitions. It also taught us a great deal about the intricacies of the legislative […]

Wishing you a Happy Winter Break!

From ASUM to you, we hope everyone who has been celebrating a happy holiday season, and to everyone a relaxing, fulfilling winter break. We are all very excited for the coming legislative session, which will commence one short week away on January 3. Our intern team is gearing up, learning about their assigned lawmakers and developing a mastery of our platform issues, which you can learn more about this year. We’re very pleased with the progress made so far. Two of our bills (mental health standards & consent education requirements) have already been filed in the Missouri Senate, and we […]

ASUM ramps up college affordability efforts

At the beginning of the summer—right when tuition increases were announced—we wrote about the decline in college affordability and some of the measures we were considering to change it. For the most part, the challenges we wrote about haven’t let up. After significant funding cuts were imposed by the state in May, Governor Greitens announced that he would withhold another $24 million from higher education. The future of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is increasingly in doubt, only a month before the first cohort of 500,000+ public servants prepare to have their loans forgiven. But there has been […]

ASUM reintroduces revised STEM Initiative

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative is an effort by the Associated Students’ to meet increasing demand for STEM graduates, to increase interest in STEM fields among tomorrow’s students, and make an education in these fields more accessible. Specifically, the STEM Initiative will do the following: Provide Missouri companies with an incentive to provide internships and employment to Missouri’s students and recent graduates. Provides scholarships to students who enroll in STEM degree programs or are currently studying in a STEM field. Increases youth experiential programs available to elementary and secondary students, to expose students to STEM fields outside […]

With tuition outpacing state dollars, students should have a formal voice in university decision-making

Last weekend, the ASUM Board elected to re-introduce its longest-standing platform to provide the Student Representative to the Board of Curators, a position ASUM lobbied successfully for in 1984 and to include in closed-door meetings in 1999. As The Maneater reported in 2015, there have been dozens of attempts to enact this legislation in the past, only one of which passed both the Missouri House and Senate, only to be vetoed by then-Governor Matt Blunt. Despite the uphill battle, we believe that granting the Student Representative a vote at the University’s highest level of governance is more necessary and appropriate than ever. […]

New: ASUM introduces first-ever platform on sexual assault prevention

Despite widespread efforts to reduce sexual assault on college campuses, the numbers continue to illustrate a harrowing problem*: College-enrolled women between the ages 18-24 are three times as likely to experience sexual violence as women overall. 11.2% of all students (undergraduate and graduate) in the U.S. experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation Among undergraduate students, nearly one-fourth (23.1%) of females and 5.4% of males experience rape or sexual assault 21% of LGBTQIA+ students have been sexually assaulted 4-out-of-5 female college victims of sexual assault will never report the crime To contribute to the efforts of […]

ASUM Reaffirms Commitment to Improving Mental Health Services

On Sunday, the Associated Students’ Board of Directors reaffirmed its commitment to mental health issues by passing a two-pronged platform designed to encourage administrative and legislative action on a serious problem facing the college-age population. Our approach in the 2017-18 academic year reflects the successes of the 2016-17 academic year while incorporating some of the feedback and concerns we heard from students, administrators, lawmakers, and counseling directors since we introduced the platform for the first time last year. Standards for Counseling Services in Statute — House Bill 920, which nearly passed last session, has been revised to reduce redundancy and […]

Action Plan: College is Becoming Less Affordable

  Today, the University of Missouri System confirmed that it will be raising tuition.    With the state legislature enacting massive budget cuts to higher education during the recently concluded 2017 regular legislative session—cuts that will go into effect this July—we recognize the administration’s difficult position. But make no doubt about it, the decline in state funding for higher education and the corresponding tuition hikes mean one thing: a decrease in college affordability. Our organization has always worked to keep college affordable, but the stakes have never been higher. This year, we successfully pushed back on efforts to impose the sales tax on college […]

Let Us Know What You Think: 2017 ASUM Annual Student Issues Survey

Every year, ASUM puts out a survey in order to gauge the issues on student’s minds. The survey is crafted through a multilateral process drawing on collaboration between all four campus chapters of ASUM and is an excellent opportunity to let ASUM know where you stand on the issues. Our short survey can be accessed here. If you complete the survey, you will be eligible to win a $100 prize. If their is an issue or question that you would like to see on the ASUM Annual Student Issues Survey in the future, please contact us.