ASUM Leadership

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) is led by a Board of Directors consisting of student leaders from across the four UM System campuses in Columbia, Kanas City, St. Louis, and Rolla, Mo. The group meets once per month via video conference and has a retreat in the fall.

Below is some brief information about ASUM’s current leadership. To contact us, please send an email to For some more information on how ASUM is organized, click here.


ASUM Leadership

Natalie Butler, Executive Director & Board Chair

As Executive Director, Natalie is tasked with coordinating the efforts of the Board of Directors, liaising with Campus Presidents, preparing the Annual Legislative Platform, preparing the budget, and appointing and overseeing the work of the Legislative and Assistant Legislative Director. Natalie previously served as a legislative intern and as assistant legislative director. Contact:

Jordan Lucas, Legislative Director

As Legislative Director, Jordan is the primary person responsible for directing ASUM’s State Internship Program in Jefferson City. He advises the Executive Director on the formation of the Annual Legislative Platform and plays a critical role in the selection of the Intern Team. Contact here.

Jennifer Mossgraber, Assistant Legislative Director

As Assistant Legislative Director, Jennifer assists the Executive and Legislative Director in the running of the State Internship Program and provides strategic and administrative support. Jennifer is also responsible for the quality and distribution of the weekly ASUM newsletter. Contact here.

Below are the names and contact information of the Campus Chapter delegations to the Board of Directors. This is an excellent, easy and flexible way to get involved with our organization!


Mizzou Chapter 

  • President: Andrew Goewert, President (Contact)
  • Undergraduate: Julia Wopata
  • Graduate: Kari Chesney

UMKC Chapter

  • President: Brandon Henderson, President (Contact)
  • Undergraduate: David Fulk
  • Graduate: Asmaa Alsousi

UMSL Chapter

  • President: Adam Rapert, President (Contact)
  • Undergraduate: Aminata Diallo
  • Graduate: Julia Street

S&T Chapter 

  • President: Connor J. Toth, President (Contact)
  • Undergraduate: Sean Williams
  • Graduate: Adriane Melnyczuk

2018-2019 Legislative Team

Interested in joining our team for the coming year? Click here.

2017-2018 Legislative Team

  • Executive Director: Steven Chaffin
  • Legislative Director: Chelsea Spence
  • Assistant Legislative Director: Natalie Butler
  • Sean Williams (S&T)
  • Jordan Young (MU)
  • Amanda Aiken (S&T)
  • Adam Rapert (UMSL)
  • Gabriela Martinez (MU)
  • Brandon Henderson (UMKC)
  • Jennifer Mossgraber (UMSL)

2016-2017 Legislative Team

  • Executive Director: Steven Chaffin
  • Legislative Director: Emily Ross
  • Assistant Legislative Director: Jordan McFarland
  • Chelsea Spence (MU)
  • Natalie Butler (MU)
  • Mackenzie Landa (MU)
  • Alison Bonner (MU)
  • Jordan Lucas (UMSL)
  • Adam Mire (UMSL)
  • David Bippes (S&T)

Click here for an archive of previous intern teams.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the ASUM Central Office at

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