Wishing you a Happy Winter Break!

From ASUM to you, we hope everyone who has been celebrating a happy holiday season, and to everyone a relaxing, fulfilling winter break. We are all very excited for the coming legislative session, which will commence one short week away on January 3. Our intern team is gearing up, learning about their assigned lawmakers and developing a mastery of our platform issues, which you can learn more about this year. We’re very pleased with the progress made so far. Two of our bills (mental health standards & consent education requirements) have already been filed in the Missouri Senate, and we…Continue reading Wishing you a Happy Winter Break!

ASUM ramps up college affordability efforts

At the beginning of the summer—right when tuition increases were announced—we wrote about the decline in college affordability and some of the measures we were considering to change it. For the most part, the challenges we wrote about haven’t let up. After significant funding cuts were imposed by the state in May, Governor Greitens announced that he would withhold another $24 million from higher education. The future of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is increasingly in doubt, only a month before the first cohort of 500,000+ public servants prepare to have their loans forgiven. But there has been…Continue reading ASUM ramps up college affordability efforts

Action Plan: College is Becoming Less Affordable

  Today, the University of Missouri System confirmed that it will be raising tuition.    With the state legislature enacting massive budget cuts to higher education during the recently concluded 2017 regular legislative session—cuts that will go into effect this July—we recognize the administration’s difficult position. But make no doubt about it, the decline in state funding for higher education and the corresponding tuition hikes mean one thing: a decrease in college affordability. Our organization has always worked to keep college affordable, but the stakes have never been higher. This year, we successfully pushed back on efforts to impose the sales tax on college…Continue reading Action Plan: College is Becoming Less Affordable