Let Us Know What You Think: 2017 ASUM Annual Student Issues Survey

Every year, ASUM puts out a survey in order to gauge the issues on student’s minds. The survey is crafted through a multilateral process drawing on collaboration between all four campus chapters of ASUM and is an excellent opportunity to let ASUM know where you stand on the issues. Our short survey can be accessed here. If you complete the survey, you will be eligible to win a $100 prize. If their is an issue or question that you would like to see on the ASUM Annual Student Issues Survey in the future, please contact us.

Enjoy your fall break!

UM Community, On behalf of ASUM, I hope everyone is having an excellent break so far. Whether you’re catching up on work that has accumulated over the past weeks (like me) or taking this time to enjoy friends, family and good food, I sincerely hope this week serves whatever purpose you intend it to. Classes will be wrapping up in earnest when we return next week, and that’s the time to study hard and demonstrate what you’ve learned this fall. While you’re away, the team and I are still hard at work advocating for you. In just over a month…Continue reading Enjoy your fall break!

Changing ASUM together

As is true for many student orgs, a lot of ASUM’s history isn’t entirely clear to me. I know we started in Columbia, Mo. in 1975 and gradually got UMKC, UMSL, and Missouri S&T on board over the ensuing decade and a half via student referendums. And I know that we’ve had some notable wins. We lobbied for a student to sit on the Board of Curators and then for them to be able to sit in private sessions, and we won on both accounts. We lobbied for the creation of the Bright Flight Scholarship, and then helped to get…Continue reading Changing ASUM together