Mental Health

We want to make sure every college student, no matter where they go to school, has access to the kind of timely and quality care they need to be successful.

THERE ARE FEW ISSUES we believe are as pertinent to the collegiate experience as addressing and preventing mental health issues. With demand for counseling services on the wide in our universities and nationwide, Counseling Centers across the state are finding themselves forced to cut back. This means instituting wait lists that jeopardize students’ wellbeing. It means reducing outreach services that go a long way towards reducing stigmas and making sure students know what’s available to them. And it means a briefer model of treatment that does less to resolve the underlying issues that brought a student there in the first place.

There are no easy solutions to these problems, but we have to start somewhere. Common-sense standards—which are publicly available and well-documented from a variety of sources—need to be put into place so that there is no excuse for an institution not to provide the resources necessary to get students in on time.

  • Click here for our issue fact sheet; and here for our fact sheet on why on-campus resources are particularly important
  • Click here for our policy proposals


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