2012 - 2nd Quarter

Spring Weather Risk Management and Preparation

By JoAnne Flowers, Assistant Director for Risk & Insurance Management

Spring weather has arrived early this year bringing some severe weather with it. The weather that has hit Missouri and our neighboring states recently is a reminder that we need to review tornado safety from time to time such as the statewide tornado drill that occurred on March 13th.

In order to help spread the word, SEMA posted several videos to their website about tornado and other severe weather preparation. You can view these brief, informative tornado safety videos; one with a house (with and without a basement), a mobile home and a school. These videos are located at this link:  http://sema.dps.mo.gov/plan_and_prepare/2012_Statewide_Tornado_Drill.asp.

Please check with your building coordinator on how to respond to severe weather while in your work location. The SEMA site provides loads of good information for being prepared as work and at home.

Spring is a beautiful time of year that brings severe weather risks along with it. Please take the time to be prepared for when it happens.

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