2012 - 2nd Quarter

Compliance Training

By Ericka F. Kranitz, Director of Financial Compliance Training

Are you new to the University or have you recently changed positions with different responsibilities?  The Controller’s Office has several online compliance training sessions available covering various financial accounting and sponsored program activities.  These are available on the Financial Compliance Training website and myLearn.  The topics include:

Financial Accounting

  • ChartFields – Defines the use of ChartFields within the University’s financial accounting system.
  • Fund Accounting – Discusses the basics of fund accounting used at the University.
  • Payroll Reconciliation – Provides an understanding of the University’s payroll reconciliation policy and recommended procedures.
  • Segregation of Duties – Discusses the concept of segregation of duties and examples of practical application at the University.
  • PeopleSoft Security – Discusses the purpose and the key information in the PeopleSoft Security reports for reviewing user access to the University’s computer systems.
  • PeopleSoft Transaction Types – Explains the different transactions types used by the University to process financial accounting activities and the mechanics of how to process these entries.

Sponsored Programs

  • Proposal Development and Submission – Discusses the compliance requirements to be aware of as the proposal is developed for a sponsored award and various responsibilities through submission.
  • Accepting and Establishing an Award – Covers the process of accepting, negotiating, and establishing an award upon receiving the Notice of Grant Award from the sponsor.
  • Allowability per A-21 – Discusses the allowable cost compliance requirements of the federal government.
  • Cost Sharing – Covers the fiscal compliance requirements for tracking and documenting cost sharing.
  • Cost Transfers and Payroll Correcting Entries – Addresses the fiscal compliance requirements for cost transfers and payroll correcting entries on sponsored awards.
  • Effort Reporting – Explains the effort reporting compliance requirements and the University’s process for certifying effort.
  • PI Roles and Responsibilities – Discuss fiscal responsibilities of the PI for the entire award process.
  • Segregation of Duties for Sponsored Programs and Delegation of Authority – Addresses unique segregation considerations for sponsored awards and how to delegate authority.
  • Closing an Award – Covers the various aspects for closing an award and related compliance requirements.

Both live sessions and online modules are available.  The on-line modules cover the basic compliance requirements in about 15 minutes, while the live sessions are in-depth discussions and can be tailored to your unit’s particular needs and questions.

Please contact Ericka F. Kranitz (kranitze@umsystem.edu), Director of Financial Compliance Training at the UM System to schedule a live session with your unit or for any questions.





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