2012 - 2nd Quarter

Management Services

By David Sheahen, Assistant Vice President

Management Services, led by Assistant Vice President Dave Sheahen, is a part of the division of Finance & Administration, and is responsible for the administrative management of the facilities planning & development, records management, minority business development, risk and insurance management, and business services.

Management Services is focused on creating university operational efficiencies and savings, creating and preserving university physical and information assets, and working with the campuses to the successful completion of their real estate and construction related transactions.

To find out more about the different ways that Management Services works with you and the University and who to contact if you have a question, check out their website.  For more details on each department, please use these links.

  1. Business Services (Business Policy Manual, Real Estate, FCC Licenses, Fleet Management, and Mineral Rights)
  2. Facilities Planning & Development (Capital Planning, Prevailing Wage Compliance, Building Code Compliance, and Design & Construction Oversight)
  3. Minority Business Development (Business with Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises)
  4. Records Management (Record  retention and storage)
  5. Risk and Insurance Management (Insurance, Self-Insurance and Workers’ Compensation)

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