2012 - 2nd Quarter

Welcome to InFocus!


Vice President Krawitz

The Finance and Administration Division’s strategic plan states that how we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Our success is dependent on conducting our activities and aligning behaviors consistently with our core values as they are uniquely expressed through our interaction with others.  The first value listed in our strategic plan is Integrity.   We demonstrate integrity by individually and collectively conducting our work to a high ethical standard.

We strive to build confidence and trust by:

  • Creating work environments where people have the opportunity to grow, learn and contribute.
  • Delivering value through concentrating on client-centered relations, innovative business solutions, operational excellence and external accountability.
  • And by exceeding client expectations and consistently providing effective execution of fiduciary responsibility.

This confidence and trust is built on the foundation of integrity.  Through diligently performing to high standards in our work and relations, we build on that foundation.

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